Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Gifts

My hubby spoils me. Okay, so maybe it is more that I buy myself things and say they are from him, but still he lets me do it :)

This Christmas I got a new tattoo:

Prior to the color being added

After taking the bandage off. Pretty swollen, but FIERCE!

A pair of Brooks running shoes:

And a Red Wings classic jersey:

And I got to wear it to the game we went to last week!

Like I said, I'm a lucky duck.

What did Santa get you this year (even if Santa is YOU)?


Megan (Running Toward the Prize) said...

WAHOO - welcome to the Brooks PureProject family! Break in those shoes slowly - the smaller heel drop takes some getting used to! :) Can't wait to hear how you like them! (And love the tattoo!)

Evelin said...

Love the tattoo! Seems like your the good kind of spoiled by your husband (and yourself)