Monday, December 9, 2013

Dating ABCs: H

This weekend we went on our H Date. [We decided to delay it a week because we were back in Michigan for Thanksgiving and wanted to spend that time with the family.]

I hinted at what we wanted to do on our G Date recap, but just in case you couldn't guess or don't remember, it is reveal time. We decided to go to a HOCKEY Game - a San Diego Gulls Hockey Game to be specific! [Originally were going to use it as our G Date, since the team is the 'Gulls', but they didn't have a home game that weekend so we decided to make it work for H.]


And beforehand we even found a deli that started with H - Hungry Bear Sub Shop! It was really yummy! Bread all baked daily. We even got a chance to chat with an Ohio State fan (no, don't worry, we didn't throw anything at him) about the Big Ten Championship game going on at the time [people out here in California don't really "get" football :)].

Ryan was STOKED to dig in! 

Ryan had the grilled veggie sub (I had the egg salad sandwich, not pictured)

Is it just me, or do signs like this remind you of "Elf" and the "World's Best Cup of Coffee"?! 

We were able to make it over to the Iceoplex with plenty of time (although the stands were already filling up), so we snapped a couple pictures before the game. Oh yeah, and of course we had to grab our pucks for CHUCK A PUCK (this is where you buy a puck for $1 and then between the second and third periods they put a cone out in the middle of the ice and the person that gets their puck closest to the cone wins half the money collected... Saturday night the winner got $50). Although the Gulls lost 2-3, we still had a great time. And shoot, with tickets at only $9, you can't beat it.

I told Ry they should have decorated the tree with pucks... 

Up close and personal 

Me and Sandy Seagull


Someone always takes 43 before we get there, so Ry picked 14 this time

Chucking our pucks... I would say Ryan was about third or fourth closest and I was probably eighth

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