Thursday, September 25, 2008

Small Veins

My parents passed down many great traits and characteristics to me, but unfortunately my mom passed down a couple BAD ones too (like Fibromyalgia and Small Veins). Ryan's parents got Ryan and I a life insurance policy after the wedding. I didn't realize that you had to give a urine and blood sample when insurance policies were taken out (but apparently State Farm requires it). The nurse actually comes to your home to take the samples whenever you are available. We were scheduled to have her come out to the apartment on Monday. Unfortunately she spilled boiling water on her arm Saturday and was unable to take blood until Wednesday (because of the pain medications she was on). She rescheduled for Wednesday, which was fine with us. I know that I have small veins (I hear it EVERY time I have to go in for blood work or an IV) so I was sure to be fully hydrated so that it would be easier for her to find the vein and get the blood. When she got here I warned her that I do have small veins and 50% of the time they go through the top of my hand because they can't find one in my arm. She had Ryan go first (save the harder one for last, hehe). When it got around to my turn she tried once and couldn't find it. She said that it seemed like the needle she had was too big and that it was going through my vein (she said she could feel my vein but that she couldn't get the needle to land in it so that it could get blood). She then asked me if they normally used small needles (yes, they have to use the pediatric size needles for me, not because I am scared or can't do needles, but because my veins are so small that those are the only ones that can actually work with me) and fortunately she had some of the butterflies with her to try. She then tried another vein with the smaller needle. After poking around in that vein for a few minutes (and not finding anything) she moved back to the first vein she tried. Again, no luck. She said that she would have to send someone else out to take my blood another day because she couldn't get it - GRRRR. It wasn't extremely painful (I mean it hurt, but I could handle it), the bummer thing is now they have to come out again (I just don't like the whole feeling of wasting time and not getting things done). I told Ryan at least he knows that I will never become a drug addict that shoots up (seeing as even professionals can't find my veins, just incase he was ever worried (but don't worry, HE ISN'T)! Well, I guess we will wait to see when they will be able to come out next and if they will be able to find my blood (I swear, I have a big heart, I just don't know what they can't find my blood, hehe).

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Anonymous said... bad :(
myabe it's just a trade off for the big smile that God gave you!!!!