Thursday, September 25, 2008

Praise Jesus!

I got a job today! How awesome! I don't even know where to begin. I answered a Craigslist ad Tuesday. The Craigslist said:

Assistant/Receptionist/Customer Service/etc/etc... (Carlsbad Ca)

...I think you get the idea. We have a growing business and could be in need of your help in MANY different areas: answering phones, data entry, customer service, tech support, and sales.
We are a consulting firm located in La Costa that helps business owners save money. Part time and full time positions are available, with hours from 6am-5pm.
You are REQUIRED to be positive (yes, all of the time), coachable, likeable, team-oriented, friendly, ok you get the picture. If you are a negative no-it-all go somewhere else. If you have a passion for helping people and everyone has to ask you constantly what makes you so happy then we may have a home for you.
If interested, please email a resume or a summary of your work history, a little about yourself, and maybe a few things that would make you JUMP out at us when looking through the applicants.
Thanks and good luck!

I sent in my resume, a little about me, etc. They looked over my resume and gave me a call back yesterday. They said that something stuck out and they would love to hear more about me. When I called I left a message with a little more info about me (jobs I've had in the past, things I enjoy, the fact that I am a newly wed to my BEST FRIEND, things that help me stand out, etc). The owner, Matthew, called me back about an hour or so later and asked me if I wanted to come for an interview tomorrow (meaning this morning). I met him at Starbucks this morning at 10am. We went over what the job entailed, etc and about 20 minutes into the interview he offered me a position. He said he got a good feeling about it and wanted me to actually sit in the interviews with the other applicants. So we sat at Starbucks for another 2.5 hours (we had 4 more interviews to go through). It was helpful because I got to hear more about the company, got to get a feel for the other applicants, etc.. They are looking to hire either another full time employee or two part time employees. I think it was the easiest interview I had ever gone through, hehe. They said that they wanted someone positive because they can teach the right person anything, and thankfully I was one of the right people. Anyway, the company is Tru. Check out their website here. The company is Matthew and his wife Jillian. After Matthew and I were done at Starbucks we actually went over to their house (they have the office out of their home (but with a different entrance) to have lunch, talk more, etc. They are a Christian couple that just moved out to San Diego from Atlanta. He started the company 6 years ago. They had dated 5-6 years, got engaged in February and married in August (which sounds EXACTLY like someone else's story I know, hehe). They seem very nice, genuine, and like it could be an amazing fit for me. I started today (I guess) since I was doing the interviews and such, but I go in tomorrow morning to start training. I will keep you all updated. Thanks for all the prayers and everything, God came through BIG!! Praise God!!

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Chuck, MB, Tessa & Baby #2 said...

Carlee, that is sooo awesome! I am very happy for you and hope it is as wonderful as it seems to be. Congrats!!!