Saturday, September 6, 2008

Job Stuff

So, like I said the other day, job stuff was up in the air. I worked at the resort Monday (11-7:30pm), Tuesday (11-7:30pm), Wednesday (7-3:30pm), and Friday (11-7:30pm). On Wednesday the next week's schedule was posted. It had me down for Saturday (12-830pm), Sunday (3-11:30pm), Monday (3-11:30pm), Tuesday-Thursday off, and Friday (3-11:30pm). I got home from work on Wednesday and mentioned it to Ryan. When I went in for the interview the guy told me that I wouldn't need to worry about the night shift because another department covered it. I guess it was a misunderstanding because I was under the assumption that I wouldn't be working night hours and he was actually saying that I wouldn't have to work 'over-night' hours. I originally thought I would be okay with the off weekend (not Saturday and Sunday), but I guess it was harder for me to get used to than I thought. If I was working evenings I wouldn't see Ryan those nights and then we wouldn't have a full day to hang out because my 'weekend' would be while Ryan is working. For the low pay I was getting it wouldn't be worth it to stay there and not be able to see my new hubby :). I let them know that I enjoyed the job, but that it wasn't as good of a fit that I thought it would have been in the first place. So I guess I am unemployed... I have been sending in my resume daily (at least 10 times a day through Craigslist and Malakye). Ryan and I will be a-okay with me being just a house-maker for a month or two, but then I will probably need to find at least a part time job. So if you know of any openings that you think I might fit, let me know :).

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