Friday, September 12, 2008

Second Interview

So yesterday afternoon I went for a bike ride for like an hour. I got back around 5pm and had a couple messages. I checked my messages. One of the women that I met with yesterday for the interview called and asked me to come back for a second interview today. I am going back in today around 3:30pm. I hope this is a good sign, since originally they said they were going to start call backs next week and they called me back the same day. I had to fill out an assessment survey that tried to pin point my behavior and how I interact with others. I thought that some of the points were spot on so I wanted to paste it here... What are your thoughts about what the survey came up about me:

Carlee is gregarious and sociable. She will be seen as a good mixer both on or off the job. She can be obliging and accommodating; that is, she likes to work with people and help them. She prefers working for a participative manager. She does her best work in this kind of environment. She tries to influence others through a personal relationship and many times will perform services to develop this relationship. Carlee can combine and balance enthusiasm and patience. She wants to know what others think of her. She wants and tries to please. Her goal is to have and make many friends. At work, she is good at maintaining friendly public relations. She places her focus on people. To her, strangers are just friends she hasn't met! Carlee can be sensitive to criticism of her work and take it as a personal affront. She may equate work criticism as someone's personal displeasure with her. She can be friendly with others in many situations, but primarily with groups of established friends and associates. She is sociable and enjoys the uniqueness of each human being. Carlee likes working for managers who make quick decisions. When she has strong feelings about a particular problem, you should expect to hear these feelings, and they will probably be expressed in an emotional manner. Because of her trust and willing acceptance of people, she may misjudge the abilities of others. Decisions are made after gathering facts and supportive data. Carlee is good at giving verbal and nonverbal feedback that serves to encourage people to be open, to trust her and to see her as receptive and helpful. She prefers not disciplining people. She may sidestep direct disciplinary action because she wants to maintain the friendly relationship. She likes to participate in decision making. She is good at solving problems that deal with people. Carlee is comfortable with most people and can be quite informal and relaxed with them. Even when dealing with strangers, Carlee will attempt to put them at ease. She is people-oriented and verbally fluent. She is always concerned with other people's feelings and thoughts. She will optimistically interact with people in an assured, diplomatic and poised manner. Carlee tends to influence people to her way of thinking by using verbiage as compared with others who like to use reports. She judges others by their verbal skills and warmth. It is important for Carlee to use her people skills to "facilitate" agreement between people. She tends to look at all the things the group has in common, rather than key in on the differences. She is positive in her approach to dealing with others. She may not understand why everyone doesn't see life as she does!

Anyway, hopefully the second round interview goes well this afternoon and thanks in advance for your prayers!!

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