Thursday, September 4, 2008


So, as most of you know, I put in my two week notice at Cass at the beginning of August. The Thursday before the wedding was my last day there (I worked a half day that day and had off Friday for the rehearsal, Saturday for the wedding and then we left on Monday for the honeymoon). I had interviewed with the Wyndham Resort near our apartment for a Guest Services Associate (which pretty much means Front Desk). I was offered the position and actually started there this past Monday. It has been going fine (I worked Monday through Wednesday and had today off), but I think there is a slight issue that is arising. I am used to Monday through Friday type jobs. Since this is a resort that is open 24-7, they are looking for someone to work late hours, have their 'weekends' during the week, etc. The job is fine and I would be working 30-40 hours, but next week they have me scheduled for 3-11:30pm (and my days off are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). This means that I wouldn't really get to see Ryan in the evenings and we wouldn't get a 'weekend' to spend together. I wanted to talk to the boss that does the scheduling on Wednesday when I saw the next weeks schedule, but he was out on Wednesday and Thursday. I called and left him a message, just letting him know that I would like to talk to him about the scheduling. When I had my interview he said that I wouldn't have to worry about the night shift because a different department handled it (the night auditors), and I guess I was assuming that the shifts I would be working would be the morning (7-3:30) or the afternoon (11-7:30). I guess we will have to wait until I talk with the boss about what he thinks the future holds. I know that a lot of people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest and I wouldn't want to add extra stress on our relationship by not really having quality time together. I have sent in my resume to other places around town (through Craigslist), so hopefully I will either be able to talk with my manager and get a schedule worked out that works for both of us or I would be able to find another job that would work better. Just when I thought that everything was running as smoothly as it possibly could, something comes up :). Oh well, such is life I guess... I would really appreciate if you could be praying for me during this decision making process. Thanks in advance!!

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