Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Saturday night, Ryan and I (along with some other friends) went to an art show. It was a benefit for Friends of Toms (I had blogged about TOMS Shoes earlier this month). Although it wasn't directly put on by TOMS, there were many TOMS shoes, etc all around the gallery. I was looking around and found some that were PERFECT!! They had the GANDHI Quote that this blog is based on WRITTEN ALL OVER THE SHOE!! NO WAY... PERFECT!! So I got back and emailed one of the gals that works with them (that actually had posted on my blog) to see if she knew of any info... I said "Hey Caitlin. Wasn't sure who else to contact about this, so I figured maybe if I emailed you, if you couldn't help you could at least direct me in the right direction. Anyway, last night we went to an Art Show in Oceanside, CA that was put on by Friends of Toms. They had some Tom's Shoes around (not for sale, just as props) and I found a pair that had the Gandhi quote on them that is the basis for my blog. The sticker on the bottom said something like: Holiday 2008 10/15-11/15, 11/15-12/15. I was hoping that it meant these would be released for sale in a couple weeks, but wanted to check. Do you know anything about it?!" She sent me an email back saying that they were SOLD OUT - Bummer!! I was just looking on the website today and I FOUND THEM (not the black ones with white writing like at the gallery, but white ones with black writing)!!! Some of the sizes are sold out, but FORTUNATELY mine isn't... So I placed my order!! WHOO HOO!! You should buy some too!!

**"White Canvas Upper printed with the quote "you must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi.

**Soft leather insole

**EVA sole with textured bottom for improved traction

**Improved fit and heel support

**For every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need

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I think you can find the black ones online still! I got some at

Love your blog!