Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Warriors

I know, the title makes it sound like I had some great adventures this weekend, huh? Well, don't believe everything you read. This weekend was a low key time. Ryan and I hung out, which was nice since he has been working like non-stop on his new website so we haven't talked much. Friday we tried out a brewery near my apartment and it was actually really yummy (Ryan has a burger, what a surprise, and I had a fresh mozzarella pizza). We also rented a couple movies, Night at the Museum and Smokin' Aces. I liked them both, but definitely different genres going on there :). Saturday Ryan wanted to go to the pet store in the mall by my office (maybe there would be a bulldog he was hoping), then we went to REI since they were having a big sale (which caused EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMA to come out and it was just too packed to look for very long), and then thought we would go to the beach. On the way to the beach Ryan wanted to stop at 7-11, SLURPEE run. I guess it was because of Cinco de Mayo or just because some girls aren't attentive when driving, but when we were sitting in the parking lot a girl in her Jeep Wrangler backed right into the bumper of Ryan's Element. Here is a photo :

Ryan was slightly upset after that so we just went back to watch the Pistons game - which we ROCKED if you didn't watch it. Sorry Kyle, I didn't see you (my brother was lucky enough to go to Game 1). After the game I thought we could go to a Mexican restaurant to enjoy some of the Cinco de Mayo festivities. We went to "On The Border" who were having a huge parking lot party, but we went inside and had a quite dinner. It was actually very yummy food that I would recommend. Sunday we decided to try the beach again since it was about 75 and sunny, so we headed down to PB (Pacific Beach) and laid around for 3 or 4 hours. Ryan surfed a couple of times and I just chillaxed in my chair. Here are a few pictures:

All in all it was a quiet weekend. Hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend!

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