Thursday, May 3, 2007

1 year in Cali...

Today is the one year mark for me living in San Diego. It is crazy to think that a year ago I packed up 2 suitcases and moved across the country (and no I am not exaggerating, I really moved over 2,300+ miles away from where I was living before). It has been a crazy year. I think most people that know me would say I am a very independent person, but I think that this trek across country has made me grow in this area of my life even more. I moved to a place that I had never even traveled to before, knew absolutely no one on this side of the country, and had no idea how I would make it out here. I had no one that I could turn to that could come to my rescue if I needed something (although I am positive my mom would have flown out if I would have ever asked). It was a tough transition, even though I played it cool (or tried my best to keep everything optimistic). Last year I would have said that I was independent and could handle most things on my own, but after this I think it has shown me how much I really relied on others before moving out to California. Even in the small things, like asking my dad car questions, knowing where to get groceries, etc. I knew that I could handle it, and even if I couldn't I would try my absolute best, but looking back over this past year I think I have really done it. I have established myself as a young adult (I know, it's weird to think I'm an 'adult'). I am thankful for this past year and look forward to many more!

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