Friday, July 8, 2016

Train Run

This morning I decided to mix up my long run a bit and do a train run. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, you jump on the train, ride it however far away you'd like and then run back. I don't think I had run longer than 13 miles in a training run since before #Fontana2SD so figured I'd get in a 16-miler this morning - which is perfect because the Solana Beach train station is about 16 miles south of the Oceanside Transit Center.

I got over to the train station around 6:40am, bought my $4 train ticket and jumped on the Coaster. I love that Oceanside is the first stop on the train because it means your pick of the seats when you get on. I always love to get a beach view facing the way the train is moving (I don't tend to get motion sickness, but better safe than sorry and not travel backwards before a long run).

I got quite a few weird looks from the commuters heading to work, but WHO CARES?!

Thanks for the ride, Coaster, but I've gotta run!

It was about 70* and 80% humidity when I got off the train. I'm really over this humidity crap, but I guess there is very little I can do about it (other than whine). I didn't have a plan for the run - just take in the views and enjoy the scenery (it's pretty hard to top running along the Pacific Ocean for 16 miles).

Let's get this party started!

Sometimes you just need to stop and smell (or take a picture of) the flowers!

To my surprise, around Cardiff I heard two bubbly ladies yell "Carlee". I turned around to see the every sweet Kate and Sheri coming up on me! YAY! We didn't plan it, but it was awesome to get in a couple miles together (and we promised we would make it a regular date - especially now that Ms Kate has a 50K on her schedule!).

These ladies - they are the sweetest! I was stoked they wanted to slow down with
me for a bit and chat it up!

I stopped around mile 6 to take some of my PROBAR BOLT chews (and again around mile 11.5 or so) and popped in to a local 7-Eleven to refill my water bottle around mile 8. Other than that (and a few sign selfies) I was chugging along at a decent clip.

Making my way back north!

I even found a patch of fake grass to take my chews on ;)
Love being #FueledByPROBAR

I wasn't looking at my Garmin, but whenever the mile notification would beep I'd take a peak and was rather surprised at how strong I was running. The sun started coming out around mile 10 and really started to heat up (one of the nice things about the sun burning away the marine layer is that it tends to drive the humidity down).

During Ragnar SoCal I had to run up the stairs at this beach, today I decided to run

From looking at Google Maps yesterday, I knew from the Solana Beach train station to the Oceanside one it was about 15.5 miles so anywhere I could add a little distance (going into a little neighborhood along the coast) I would. I ended up just a tad long (finishing about a half mile away from the train station), but it was a perfect cool down walk back to my car (and I was even able to grab a couple pictures at the beach before heading home).

Sweaty, sweaty lady!

Proud of the end result!

As you can see in some of the pictures, I was pretty soaked from sweat, but I finished very happy with the effort I put in and the time on my watch. I think you could say that I earned my shower, all the chips and salsa tonight and a rest day tomorrow!

Back at the Oside Transit Center and figured I NEEDED a selfie w/ a train, right?!

Have you ever done a train run before?


Elizabeth said...

This sounds like so much fun. I think running is so much easier, mentally, when you are running TO somewhere, rather than out-and-back. You have a mission! My husband has dropped me off far away from our house on a few occasions, and I've run home! :-) I didn't get to look at the ocean while doing it though.

Anonymous said...

I used to do train runs when I was living in Chicago and training for the marathon. I didn't know there were a thing! They are a genius idea because you don't have a choice but to run home!

Jodi said...

Sounds like so much fun! I definitely don't live in an area where this would work..but totally would do it if it was!

Anonymous said...

This sounds awesome. Wish I lived somewhere I could do that. I did something like this on my 100 mile bike ride training for an ironman. Had my husband drop me off so I didn't have a choice but to get home. Lol. I love your tank! Where did u get it from?

Canus said...

Awesome! It looks very fun. Certainly, there is an interesting train.