Thursday, July 28, 2016

Conqur Endurance Group Ambassadorship Results

Remember last week when I shared my embarrassing application/ audition video for the Conqur Endurance Group Ambassadorship? If you don't remember, or just want a good laugh, feel free to check it out HERE. It is a somewhat long video (almost 10 minutes), but if you stick with it till the end you will get a cameo from the ever dapper Walt the Wiener Dog and an "impression" by yours truly (Arrrrrg you ready for it?! I guess you'll just have to see!).

We found out who made the team and guess what... I MADE THE SQUAD! There was some fierce competition this year (just like last year) and for some reason the Conqur Endurance Group team liked me enough to give me the nod!

There are six returning ambassadors and six newbies - AWESOMESAUCE! There are some real ROCKSTARS (both as runners and as social media gurus) on the team and it's an absolute honor to be accepted back for a second year in a row! As one of the ambassadors joked, IT'S TIME TO CONQUR LA! (It was just too pun-y not to share/ borrow!)

Now you might be saying to yourself, "Well, that's cool for you, Carlee, but what's in it for me?". I'm glad you asked selfish reader. Seeing as Conqur Endurance Group puts on races like the Santa Monica Classic, the Pasadena Half and the Los Angeles Marathon, I am hoping to have some super snazzy discount codes to share with you all! We will be having a 'welcome to the crew' meeting in the next couple weeks so I will get more deets then, but for now, sit on the edge of your seat and clear your calendar for those dates if you aren't already registered for those races!

Are you planning on running any of the Conqur Endurance Group races in the coming months?

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Bain said...

Heck yes! I was going to register for the trifecta yesterday, then thought maybe I should see if there are ambassador codes :) See you at the Santa Monica Classic!