Friday, July 29, 2016

Fitting It In

The last couple days I have been fitting in my workouts when I can.

For example, yesterday I had a couple errands to run. It was my cross-training day so I looked to see if any of them were bike-able. Low-and-behold, The Home Depot was about 8.5 miles from the house and I needed to go over there to pick up a saw that we were getting some warranty work done on. I threw on my book bag (because you should probably have some way to safely carry a saw the 8.5 miles back to your house) and took to the trail. Thankfully I was able to ride on the bike trail for the majority of the trip (minus the last mile or so). It was already toasty when I started, and I got a few strange looks as I wheeled my streamer-adorned bike into the hardware store, but hey, I got to cross off a to-do list item AND get my workout in!

It is great to kill maim take care of two birds with one stone (the vegetarian in me just couldn't use the saying without a minor edit). I did end up jumping in the car so I could take our donation pile over to the local thrift store, but that was more because I couldn't carry all of the items on me without tipping over, not because I didn't want to bike more errands.

This morning I had to grab my dad from the airport. He is in town for a convention and is staying at our house tonight before heading to the hotel tomorrow. I had a 20-miler on the schedule for today so I figured I would head down to San Diego to get my run in along the water before picking him up from the airport.

The views did NOT suck!

I'm not sure if you can see the haze, but the humidity was socking in San Diego

It was not only a great way to change up my route, but it also forced me to keep a decent pace because I knew I had to be at the airport at a certain time. Also, it was nice to have my long run out of the way before the festivities began (I haven't seen my parents since our trip back to Michigan in December so it will be #AllTheFun).

20 miles DONE!

Oh yeah, and apparently running 20 miles in the morning wasn't enough... because when the padre asked if he could use the hubby's bike I offered to head out on a 5 mile ride with him.

Of course I had showered already, but I'm always down for another good sweat!

I may also be counting some of the cleaning I did to get the house ready for my parents arrival as more daily workouts... I mean, with this humidity, I have been sweating non-stop, whether I am running, biking, dusting or vacuuming, so I guess that means it should count, right?!

With a busy calendar, I know sometimes our workouts can get shifted around and then potentially skipped, so I am stoked I have been able to fit them in when I am able. Shoot, a short run is better than no run at all... So get out there and get it done!

How have you creatively fit in a workout with the hectic-ness that is your life?

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Kathleen said...

Running on the beach in Del Mar - I can run in the afternoon heat because of the ocean breeze.