Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Am I the only one who feels like a 'regular' week after a 'short' work week feels extra long?! Okay, I'll admit it, I work from home (and only very part time at that) so my idea of a work week is a bit different from yours, but still... When are we gonna get on the 4 day work week band wagon?!

Anywho, Friday is here and so is another edition on my Friday Favorites!

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

I've only had my new watch for about a week or two and I already LOVE IT! I am waiting until I am fully versed in it before posting an official review, but let me just give you a quick spoiler - THIS WATCH ROCKS MY SOCKS! I love that you can select your activity (from running to cycling to strength training to hiking to SUP'ing to personalized activities like #Andreas40th), that I no longer have to wear two watches because this acts as my GPS watch AND activity tracker, and that it is oh so purrrrty! I'm hoping to post my full review within the next month or so, but for now I am not finding anything I don't love.

Fresh Fruit Season

Living in Southern California means you can have fresh fruit for the majority of the year (shoot, in this global market we live in these days, you can get fresh fruit year round - but obviously it has to travel a really long time to reach your plate), but summer often leads to BANGARANG fruit! Although my wallet may not appreciate the large amounts of money we spend on the fruit, my tummy sure does. Lately we can't get enough strawberries, blueberries, cherries or red grapes. The cashier even mentioned yesterday, "Wow, that's a lot of cherries" when I bought over four pounds... But like I told him, "I'd much rather us be snacking on cherries and grapes than cookies and chips."

Our haul from yesterday's grocery store stop: 4.5 pounds of red grapes, 4 pounds
of cherries, 1 pound of blueberries and 2 pounds of strawberries

Doing Good

Sometimes doing good is super easy - like holding the door open for an extra second or smiling at a stranger. My AWESOME friend Linzie knows how much I love doing good and told me about another easy way to spread the love! There's a boy in the Big Bear area who would LOVE cards for his upcoming birthday (you can read the full story here, but the brief summary is Ryan has severe autism and has a difficult time building friendships so his mom hopes that helping fulfill this wish will bring a huge smile to his face). Honestly, the Dollar Store sells cards for fifty cents, so you could mail Ryan a smile and make a difference in his life for less than a dollar! Wanna #DoGood?! If you'd like to send Ryan a birthday card, you can mail them to:
Lisa Nelson c/o Ryan Fritsinger
PO Box 3949
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315


I'm not sure if you knew this, but before we bought my Ford Focus, my main mode of transportation was a scooter. I was the proud owner of a 150cc Buddy Scooter. She was glorious, minus the fact that her back tire would deflate due to the L shaped stem... Let's just say riding around with a flat back tire is NOT fun or safe. Anywho, lately I've had the scoot-scoot bug again! I don't think it is a reality, seeing as most of the places I currently drive I need more than under-the-seat storage {i.e. grocery store, post office, etc}, but a girl can dream, right?! And I noticed a couple days ago that there is a PINK VESPA for sale with only 1 mile on it up in LA... I mean, it's sort of meant to be, right?! So if you happen to have $2,700 laying around and want to buy me an early birthday gift, by all means - GO FOR IT!

Got anything on your Friday Favorites list that you wanna share with the class?


Unknown said...

Throw som plain Greek yogurt in a bowl with those strawberries, blueberries, and even cucumber..... It's to DIE FOR!!!!

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Chelsea B. said...

How much fun! I love reading your posts, they are always so happy. Which is so refreshing in the world we live in. Have a wonderful weekend!