Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Treadmill Runner

Don't get me wrong, I will probably never be a RunEMZ or a StuftMama (although if I could be half the runners or women that they are I'd consider myself a lucky lady), but we did add a TREADMILL to our home!

Saturday afternoon we helped a framily member move. They were making piles for "keep", "giveaway", and "garbage". When we went into the laundry room, I heard a "Carlee, do you want a treadmill?". Usually I would have said no because we didn't have the room (even though I would have LOVED one), but for Christmas we gifted our guest bed to a friend so our office was now WIDE OPEN!

I chatted with Ryan and we decided to grab it up (oh yeah, he also lucked out by getting an Xbox and mini amp as well, so we both had some MAJOR scores)! He went with a friend last night to pick it up and move it over to our place.

Office turned gym :)

Seeing as I am currently in my taper for the Eugene Marathon, I have fewer miles on the calendar. Today's schedule had me running an easy 4. Normally I would run to the nearby park and back for my standard 4 mile loop, but figured why not test out the treadmill?!

I was able to get in the 4 miles in our office (turned workout room). Next time I think I need to open the window and turn on a fan because man oh man do I sweat a ton on those things! I started out around a 8:30/mile pace and finished closer to 7:30/mile.

I might not have PRO form when I run, but I'm working on it ;) 

Next time I will turn this little fan ON!

Please ignore the laundry hanging in the background and the pile of
pillows from our recent house guests on the floor!

Yes, this is my sweat flung on the treadmill. It is mostly from
my elbow-pits, but let's be real - I am a sweaty pig when
I get on a treadmill!

Honestly I know very little about this treadmill other than it was free and it works. I don't think it will be my go-to for running (we live about a mile from the beach so it is pretty hard to pass up the views I normally soak up on my runs), but I'm excited to use it for speed workouts and on the three or four days a year that it rains in SoCal. I have also seen some pretty fun looking workout on Pinterest for the treadmill that might be worth giving a go!

Ryan normally runs on a treadmill at work during his lunch breaks. Now that we have one at home it might be harder for him to "miss" a workout. {Insert evil laugh here} I'm not sure he'll think this was such a good deal when I become a treadmill slave driver :)

What are your thoughts on the treadmill? Love it/ hate it?


Unknown said...

I go through phases of love or hate with the treadmill. I like treadmill workouts though. They challenge me and the time flies on them.

Melissa Running It said...

Elbow pits. So THAT's what they're called! Haha!

The mr isn't so keen on early am runs in my ghetto fab hood, so the 'mill makes for some good people watching at our gym.

Trying to get back into running at all, it's definitely a love/hate for me, but would LOVE having one at home as a backup!