Monday, April 20, 2015

Marathon Monday

If you are a runner, you should know today is MARATHON MONDAY (the day the Boston Marathon is run - Patriots' Day in Massachusetts). If you are not a runner (you should try it out), you should still know today is Marathon Monday ;)

I woke up this morning still feeling under the weather (even after 11+ hours of sleep last night my throat is on fire), so I stayed in bed and watched the live feed from under my covers.

The elites are pretty fan-freakin'-tastic! And the Americans put up a great fight! I was STOKED to see the Michigander Dathan Ritzenhein do so well - first American, fourth overall (I dated a cross country runner in high school and was lucky enough to see Dathan and his other super speedy teammates {Alan Webb and Ryan Hall} a couple times at state meets). Desi Linden finished fourth in the female field - born and raised in Southern California and now trains in Michigan! Meb rocked it too (such a class act!)! I was really pulling for Shalane Flanagan, but it seemed it wasn't her year (although she still finished in the top 10!)! U-S-A, U-S-A!

Dathan and Desi led for a good portion of the race

It was definitely a fight to the finish in the women's field

Go Dathan GO!

Shalane stuck with the lead pack for 15+ miles, but then dropped back a bit

After watching the elites rock Boston I had to get out my gear so I could head down to San Diego. A dear friend, Smitha, was putting together a #BostonStrong meet-up and since I didn't have to work I figured I would make the trek down to run.

I think this is the first time my computer made it into a Flat Carlee shot,
but it was a big part of my morning ;)

Since I had 6 miles on the calendar and I wasn't sure how long we'd run as a group I decided to get in a quick 4 down along the Bay before I met up with everyone. It was beautiful weather, but I have to say, I got quite a few strange looks from pedestrians... Guess they weren't in the Boston spirit?!

Average pace of 8:03/mile wasn't too shabby ;)

I finished right at the right time and met up with the group. We took a quick picture and made our way out for another 3 miles.

I guess I thought there were more people... I really didn't need to squat, eh?
Photo Credit: Smitha's Phone ;)

I was able to run the three miles with Tracy. She is super sweet (and we follow each other on social media - YAY for meeting in real life!) and was pushing her youngest son along with us. We were able to chat about our running journey's, our lives, and how amazing it is to live in Southern California.

Just under 3 miles, but close enough ;)

And just like that we were done! Chatting while you run is one way to make the miles melt away! We grabbed another group shot to finish the day and all parted ways.

Photo Credit: Smitha's Phone ;)

A BIG THANKS to Smitha for putting the meet-up together! It is always great to run with amazing folks (even if I did have to drive 45-minutes each way to be there ;)).

Did you stream any of the Boston Marathon today?


Unknown said...

I watched the elite coverage on tv and then streamed the rest. I grew up in MA, we used to go to track practice and then hop in the T to watch. As I got older it was go to the sox game and then watch. Love my home city.

Unknown said...

Streamed all morning at work... while simultaneously doing some online trainings! :) My post to come later! <3