Saturday, April 18, 2015

Athleta UTC Yoga & Shopping Event

This morning I made my way down towards La Jolla to the Athleta UTC Store.

My dear friend, Melissa, had invited me to a Yoga and Shopping Event and I just HAD to take her up on it. There were about 12 of us bloggers lucky enough to take part in the morning's workshop.

The sweet employees at Athleta moved some of the apparel around and made space for us at the back of the store. They even set up a nice little spread of snacks and drinks.

I put down my mat as far to the edge as possible (oh yeah, I guess I forgot to mention, I have NEVER done yoga before...) and got ready.

Thankfully Smitha (and her friend Katie) came and put their mats down next to me so I had a little security blanket ;) We ended up practicing for a little over an hour. The yoga was AWESOME (I really don't know why it has taken me so long to try it out other than I always seem to have a race on the calendar so am less willing to try something new or adjust my training schedule).

Smitha and Katie in downward dog

A little core work
Photo taken by Smitha!

Pigeon pose is AMAZING!
Photo taken by Smitha!

Source: @AthletaUTC's Twitter Feed

After the yoga practice we got to shop the store - WHOOOOO HOOOOO!! I have never actually had any Athleta gear so I was pumped to try it (and we were SUPER SPOILED and received 50% off three items!). Obviously I gravitate towards the BRIGHT colors!

This is the outfit I ended up buying! LOVE IT!

I don't know if you've seen some of my retweets or not from Sparkly Soul, but they just recently teamed up with Athleta! Of course I had to check out the inventory (I ended up buying the reflective headband - you remember, the one Alicia was wearing and I was eyeballin' at Ragnar).

I had to grab a couple quick pictures with my girls before heading out. Can't wait to see them both again on Monday when we meet up for a Boston Runch down in San Diego (Everyone is welcome! Meet at the Star of India at 11:45am. COME ONE, COME ALL!).

A BIG THANKS to Melissa for the invite!

It was an AWESOME morning! I'm pretty sure my new gear will be some of my FAVORITE! I mean I just can't pass up BANGIN' colors (especially if there are thumb holes involved!). Not only did we get 50% off of three items but we also got swag bags AND a free yoga mat - how fantastic is that?!

Stripe Swagger Skort, Striped Strength Hoodie, Sparkly Soul Reflective Headband {I REALLY wanted to turquoise but since they didn't have any I settled on the black}, Goodie Bag (with a Luna Bar and Health Warrior Bar, a couple Power To The She tattoos and hair bands/ bracelets) and Yoga Mat.  

HUGE THANKS to Athleta for all the blogger love! #AthletaUTC #PowerToTheShe #FuelingAmazing

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Clarinda said...

Sounds like you scored big - great yoga workout; great deals. Love the bright yellow skirt!