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runDisney Disneyland Races

A little while back, Megan, one of the co-authors of The Runners Guide to WDW and the Dewey in our ducky trio, asked me for some help with a post about runDisney Disneyland Races.

Sorry, but I will NEVER get sick of these photos (or amazing memories)

I am definitely not a runDisney professional, but have run my fair share of the races at the West Coast's Happiest Place on Earth :) I haven't run all of the shorter distances at Disneyland, but have done all of the half marathon races (at least once) -

When Megan asked me what my favorite part of the Disneyland courses were, I had to give it a little thought. I would have to say, my main focus for a runDisney race is NOT the course. The PEOPLE are what make it so magical to me (and the bling isn't half bad either). With that being said, there are still some amazing features that come along with running a Disneyland runDisney course!

THE PARKS! Nothing beats running down Main Street with friends, family, spectators, and complete strangers cheering you on. Running through Sleeping Beauty's Castle, racing through the neon lit CarsLand, circling World of Color, it is pretty PERFECT! Depending on the race, the amount of park time will vary, but whatever the distance, make sure to soak up every moment! This is also where all of the photo ops for character pictures can be found, so jump in line and make friends with fellow runners while you wait.

These are a couple of the pics I took in the parks during the 2013 Disneyland 10K

Angel Stadium. Even if you don't like baseball, running through a major league field is pretty amazing. Personally I like it best during the Disneyland Half when it is filled with screaming Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, but even during Avengers it is spectacular! And don't forget to check your self out on the JUMBOTRON in the outfield!

Megan and I running through Angel Stadium during the
2012 Disneyland Half Marathon (my first half which
SHE talked me into running :) )

The Entertainment. Recently runDisney has been reaching out to local CosPlay groups to help add some additional fun and excitement to the courses (and truth be told, I have heard a lot of runners saying they like these characters better than the ones in the park... their costumes are top notch and there is hardly ever a line for a photo) {CosPlay participants have been on both the Avengers and StarWars courses and hopefully they will continue to be involved in the races.}. Whether or not you enjoy the characters, there will be something along the courses to aid in your entertainment (anything to help keep your mind off the severity of the task at hand is WELCOMED, at least in my book). The courses have marching bands playing, cheer teams cheering, dance groups dancing, classic cars honking, running groups passing out candy, tissues, and even popsicles, and so much more. AND THE SIGNS! How can I forget the spectator signs?! Every once in a while make sure to read a few as you zoom pass (and remember not to spit out your water on the runners near by if the signs are funny).

Love that Ken from Superhero Events dresses up and gives out FREE HUGS!

World Class VoluntEARS. As with all runDisney events, the voluntEARS definitely help make the race! Most of them are there before the runners arrive and stay until after the last participant leaves. They are there to help make your race and experience as magical as possible (so make sure to give them a wave and a big THANK YOU when you see one!). They are always wearing a smile (no matter the weather or conditions) and will totally go the extra mile for you.

Fellow Runners. I know, I know, these aren't all about physical locations or attractions on the course, but I feel like they are aspects that MUST be mentioned. The runDisney environment is one that is welcoming and generally a non-comptetive atmosphere. Of course someone wins the race, but the majority of participants are there with their love of running and fun spirit in-toe. It is hard to top all of the encouragement and support one feels along a runDisney Disneyland course (and the costumes are hard to beat too).

I have met and made some amazing friends through my runDisney adventures!

If you have never run a Disneyland runDisney race, I would strongly urge you to sign up (but you MUST sign up early as they are growing in popularity and sometimes can sell out within minutes of opening registration). And if you do come run, make sure you say HI!

Have you ever run a race at Disneyland before? If so, what is YOUR favorite part of the course? If not, would you ever consider running one?

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Danielle said...

I love the Disneyland 10k's since they are almost entirely in the parks! I can't wait to get out there to do another Disneyland race!