Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Surprise Delivery (Luna Salty & Sweet Protein Bars)

I came home from running errands this afternoon to quite the surprise delivery!

The package didn't have an address on it, so I am assuming someone from Luna was physically driving these around to the recipients and hand delivering them! How in the world was I selected?! Whatever the reason, I will NOT press my luck and just thank my friends over at Luna/ Clif! I AM QUITE THE LUCKY DUCK!

Obviously nosey Walt wanted to check out what the package was (He is quite the guard dog when it comes to delivery folks coming to the house... He may be small, but you would think he was a 200lb attack dog by the sound of his bark when someone rings the doorbell.).

Don't you worry, I will NOT be giving him a taste! (I mean, not only does it have chocolate in it, which I hear is bad for puppies, but also I am pretty bad at sharing when it comes to my treats ;) )

The package had TWO boxes of Luna's newest flavored protein bar - Chocolate Salted Caramel.

Let me be completely honest. I don't think I have had a Luna bar before. They are formulated specifically for women and since hubby normally takes a bar with him to work in his lunch, I have never purchased them before. Now, Clif Bars on the other hand (the parent company of Luna) ARE MY JAM! As a matter of fact the last time I got groceries I grabbed a full box of Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bars (my new favorite), a full box of Chunky Peanut Butter Clif Bars (my all-time go-to bar), and a full box of Blueberry Crisp Clif Bars (Ryan's favorite). 

Well, obviously if Luna is kind enough to send me a package of these new bars, I better be kind enough to reciprocate the generosity and give them a try, right?!

The bar was yummy. It was a bit smaller than I am used to (seeing as I am normally used to the Clif Bar size), but still packed with protein (12 grams to be exact). I am also glad to see the bar being rich in iron (I was told I was anemic last year and needed to increase my iron levels).


The chocolate did melt a bit on my fingers as I was taking pictures, but I'm sure if you were eating it like a normal human being you wouldn't have an issue. (But with that being said, I probably wouldn't leave one in my car or bring one with me on a hike, but they are great as a mid-afternoon snack at work to keep you full {and out of the snack drawer}.) 

There are salted caramel chunks in the nougat which gave it a nice consistency (I have a texture thing, so normally prefer bars that aren't just all nougat). The salty and sweet mix is definitely a winning combination too!

Like I mentioned earlier (just gotta keep it real, right?!), I have never purchased Luna bars before and although this one is great (and you better believe I will eat the remaining 23 bars), I am not sure it made me a convert. Maybe if I am out and about and need something healthy to eat I may grab one from a convenience store, but I think for our family I will probably stick with bars that the hubby will also eat.

Do you prefer salty or sweet?

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Unknown said...

YUM! I love pretty much anything that is chocolate, caramel or salted so this is something I have to try!
Karen @karenlovestorun