Sunday, March 22, 2015

Workout Recap - Week 12

Sunday, March 15th Spectated the LA Marathon, 5 mile run1:26 Plank, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Monday, March 16th – 5 mile run, 1:27 Plank, Foam Rolled & Stretched 

Tuesday, March 17th –  Strength Training (abs, back, arms and legs), 1:28 Plank, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Wednesday, March 18th –  19.45 mile bike ride1:29 Plank, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Thursday, March 19th – 5 mile run, 1:30 Plank, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Friday, March 20th– 18 mile run, 1:31 Plank, Foam Rolled & Stretched 

Saturday, March 21st – REST DAY (walked the San Diego Zoo with my mom), 1:32 Plank & Stretched

Thankfully the temperatures started getting back to a normal range by mid-week or I might have sweat out enough to fill a pool (sorry for the gross visual). 33 miles of running, 19.45 miles of biking, a strength training day, and lots of fun (spectating a race, walking the zoo, etc) - I'd say it was a successful week!

How were your workouts this past week? 

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