Thursday, March 19, 2015

Three Things Thursday

I'll make this quick since my mom is in town visiting. Three random, but AWESOME things you should know about. 

1. #HeatherFresh

Um.... Guys... DID YOU GET THE EMAIL THIS MORNING FROM PRO COMPRESSION?! I LOVE THE NEW HEATHER COLORS! I do have a lot of pink socks so I restrained myself and only bought the blue and grey pairs ;) But with the 40% off coupon it is sort of like I got one free, right?! (At least that is what I am going to tell the hubby... Shoot, maybe I should have got him a pair to butter him up :) ) Use code HD15 for 40% off your pair!

PS At this point these are just considered a SOCK OF THE MONTH, so THEY MAY NOT STICK AROUND. That means you better stock up NOW (mine are already marked as SHIPPED - WHOOOO HOOOO!)! Depending on the demand, PC may keep them around, but I wouldn't test my luck and wait for very long...

2. vívofit® 2

I received the NEW vívofit® 2 in the mail today (it is currently available for pre-order right now, but that AMAZING folks at Garmin sent me one to test out - how freakin' sweet is that?!). I am the nerd-type who wants needs to read through the manual before starting to use it so I know all about the functions and capabilities (guess I have my homework cut out for me tonight!). I have never had an activity tracker before, so I am super stoked to break it out of the box and plop it on my wrist! And obviously you know I LOVE my #ArmCandy, so why not add another bracelet ;)

And don't you worry your sweet little head, once I get a chance to try it out for a couple weeks I will be sure to post a complete review on it!

3. Across the Bay 12K & 415K

Remember when I won a remote runner entry to the San Jose 408K and ran with some awesome friends the morning after the Phoenix Marathon? Well, if you live in the Bay Area you know there seems to be a race just about every weekend and the Across the Bay 12K and 415K is coming QUICKLY (April 26th to be exact)! If you aren't in the Bay Area, you are in luck because this race has a remote runner option. Wanna know what is extra cool? OF COURSE YOU DO! Remote running qualifies you for the Run the Bay Challenge Medal as well!


And if you are interested in running (whether for the in person race or as a remote runner), use code RunTheBay-PR for 10% off your registration!

Have you used an activity tracker before? 

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