Friday, October 17, 2014

REVIEW: Project Repat

What do you do with all of your race shirts?

If you are like me, you have TONS of them... Most of them ill-fitting and never worn... But even though I haven't physically worn them, they are treasured possessions; reminders of what I have accomplished. Even so, mine have been sitting in a pile in my closet, waiting for SOMETHING to be done with them.

What do you do with all of your race shirts?

A few months ago I told hubby that for Christmas I wanted him to get them made into a blanket for me. We normally don't get each other gifts (the past couple years we have done tattoos), so I thought this would be something he could do for me that I would LOVE.

That is where Project Repat comes in.

Project Repat Mailer

I found Project Repat through Krissy. She recently had some of her running shirts turned into a blanket (hey, great minds think alike), so I thought I would check them out.

Project Repat Disclosure

The process of sending your shirts to Project Repat is easy-breezy! First, select the size blanket you would like to make (I had about 35 race shirts at the time I started the process {and have since added a few more to the stack since}, so thought I would go with the "Full" size since it took 30 sides to make). Then pick the color of PolarTec fleece for the back of the blanket (they just added TWO NEW colors of fleece since I placed my order!).  Finally, select the size of the "squares" (the standard size is 12"x12", but they do have specialty blankets you can do with 8"x8" or 14"x14"). After that, pay for the blanket. Once your order is processed, Project Repat will mail you an eco-friendly bag you will use to return your shirts in to them.

The bag you receive to mail your shirts back to Project Repat in

The "hardest" part for me was to decide which shirts to use and what order to put them in. Instead of a chronological order, I decided (with the help of my designer hubby) to lay them out by color. It took us a little while, seeing as I had so many shirts, but we finally decided on a pattern that was just right.

My shirts laid out in the blanket arrangement

If you would prefer, Project Repat will design your blanket for you with the shirts provided (in a pattern of THEIR choosing), but there is an additional fee for this service.

To help Project Repat with the process, they ask that you provide the "side" of the shirt you would like to use (if the shirt has images on both sides). Since most of my race shirts had sponsors on one side and the race image on the other I went through and cut the shirts so there would be no confusion. [NOTE: YOU ARE NOT CUTTING THEM IN THE 12"x12" SIZE, JUST SPLITTING THE SHIRT IN TWO.]

Cutting the shirts into two sides
You know you have a problem when you are WEARING
a race shirt while cutting up 30 more... :)

The next step is the hardest... Shipping your shirts. No, the physical process is not hard, just put them in the bag and mail them. I was just worried that I might lose my shirts forever, or that I wouldn't like the blanket, or that _________ (who knows, you fill in the blank, my mind is crazy like that and tends to play "worst case scenario" all the time).

Oh yeah, and the waiting game. Don't get me wrong, Project Repat hand cuts and sews all of the shirts, so a labor of love like this takes times, but I was still anxious to get the blanket back. They say it normally takes 2-3 weeks (of course with the holidays the wait time can be longer, although they do offer an expedited option if you are willing to pay the additional cost).

Confirmation Email from Project Repat
They even sent an email letting me know they got the shirts!
Peace of mind! YIPEEEEEE!!

It took about 2.5 weeks for my blanket to return. And when I got it, I FELL IN LOVE!!

Final Project Repat
I ordered the FULL size... 30 sides ;) 

Snuggling with the pup and blanket
Snuggling in my PJs with the pup!

It was PERFECT! I mean, better than I was expecting! Although I had laid the shirts out on the floor before I sent them, they were sort of haphazardly placed there. The blanket that returned to me was so exact and AMAZING!

I do want to say - this is NOT a quilt. One of the reasons that Project Repat can offer their services at a lower price is because they are not quilting or putting in backing into the piece (which can leave it feeling stiff anyway). It is more of a blanket. And a blanket that is meant to be cuddled up in, used, loved and even washed (I mean, it is just shirts).

One last thing about the company as a whole. If you know me, you know I LOVE to support local companies, ones who keep their products in the USA, etc, which is exactly what Project Repat does!

Project Repat Economy

Project Repat Economy

Although I never wore my race shirts, they were a "trophy" of mine. But let's be honest, they weren't doing anyone any good being in a big pile at the back of my closet. I can now say that they will get a lot of use.

The deadline to send in your shirts to guarantee you will get the blanket back for Christmas is November 1st. PLACE AN ORDER TODAY! But even if you can't get your order in by then it doesn't mean you still shouldn't place your order! (Get your creative juices flowing on how to wrap something to TELL your loved one about their gift.) And if you want to place an order before the end of the year, use discount code "cmcdot" and save 20% off your order!

Now to start hoarding collecting shirts for my next blanket ;)


Bari said...

My MIL makes quilts out of shirts but she only works with the cotton ones and uses a bedsheet as the backing. I think tech fabric is harder to sew/quilt. This looks like a great option and I love the fleece. Definitely bookmarking this because my race shirts are overflowing my closet!

Fairytales and Fitness said...

My friend had this done ( but not sure if it was the same company). There are only a few race shirts that I don't care for ( and don't wear, those are usually the cotton ones from local 5Ks). I think I would have a hard time parting with the rest of them too. Your blanket came out lovely!

Disney_Bride said...

Been thinking about doing this. Since we both often run the same event, we have a lot of duplicate race shirts. I have a 'to be made into a quilt' stack in my closet too. I just need to pull the trigger and do it. I do like that this is a fleece blanket though. Would be perfect to keep in the car.

Unknown said...

I love this so much!! Such an amazing idea and a GREAT organization. Going to have to check them out. I wear a few of my race shirts but a lot of them just don't fit right or aren't comfortable.

ivieanne said...

This would be perfect for all of the shirts that are too big for me & AJ!

Danielle said...

Love this, I am totally going to do it!

Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes said...

It looks great!! I actually sent my shirts in last week!! So excited to get it back!!!

Kathleen Barth said...

Have a bag Meghan put aside for this. Her Nana quilted her one already but she's ready for another. I love that they can use jerseys too because she has a lot of them! Will be placing an order. Thanks for the review.

Unknown said...

Also, thanks for the savings! $22 off. This will be a great Christmas surprise for my girl. ��