Saturday, October 18, 2014

FanGirl Confessions (& Discount Codes)

Before I get into the MEAT of this post, I must make a confession.

Maybe it's just me, but I have some folks I follow on Instagram, Twitter, etc that I think are pretty much AMAZING. And I don't just mean amazing, like they are pretty cool, but more like if they happen to like my stuff it makes me giddy and I talk about it for days ;)

I mean, I still have the screenshot of when Nate Burleson (the ex-Detroit Lion football player) started following me on Instagram and then liked one of my tweets :)

Well, since I started running about 2.5 years ago, I obviously follow a lot of runners on social media. Most of them probably have NO idea who I am (and why would they?!), but some how I have been blessed enough to actually be able to interact with some FABULOUS runners!!

One of them goes by the name "RunEMZ". If you don't know her, YOU SHOULD! She is a FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC speed demon of an ultra marathoner, treadmill runnin' MAMA! Yep, she just had her second baby (oh, sweet Baby B) 2 months ago! For some reason she started following my on Instagram (um, can you say YEAR made?!) and actually likes some of my pictures (I still have a fangirl moment every time I see a like or comment from her and squeal to Ryan about it). [PS If you missed it, she participated in our #18withfriends virtual run we did yesterday]

Anyway, as you probably know (since I can't shut up about it - sorry if I am annoying, but you will have to continue to deal with it for the next 4.5 months), I will be running the Phoenix Marathon in February. This is my MAIN full marathon, the one where I am trying to go sub-4.

Well, low-and-behold RunEMZ (along with a crew of WONDERFUL friends and soon to be friends ;)) will BE THERE! Not only that, she asked me to help her spread the word about the race. No... wait a second... let that sink in... SHE ASKED ME TO HELP HER! I am still sort of in shock that she even thought of me... Okay, I am completely stunned!

And with that being said, I gotta step it up and get my booty in gear! I don't want to let her or the Phoenix Marathon down.

Now I am not being compensated for this in any way (I actually registered a few months back at full price), but am just trying to promote the crap out this race. Obviously I can't speak to the race itself (other than what I have heard or read online), since the 2015 Phoenix Marathon will be my first time running it, but I can spread the hype, right?!

To help promote the race, the lovely folks at the Phoenix Marathon (since RunEMZ vouched for me - holy crapoly!) created a coupon code for my friends, family, and followers to use while registering.

The code is "McDot10" (it IS case sensitive) for 10% off your registration. As I'm sure you've noticed, I run A LOT of races, so I totally know how expensive race registrations can be. EVERY PENNY HELPS, so use the code, spread the word, and let's ROCK THIS RACE together!!

Tell me I'm not the only fangirl out there... Any of you get stoked when someone likes your stuff?!

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Scallywag said...

100% get you on the fangirl- I was so stoked when Candice Burt (Tahoe 200 race director) tweeted back at me, and also amazed to find Burt Yasso follows me too!

Also I was just offered the chance to work with a company I love, so I'm super-fangirl about that too!