Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PiYo Review

I've been wanting to try yoga for I'd say a good year or so now. Ryan does it at work (they have someone come in once a week to teach a group session), my mom does it through Community Ed, I've heard about all the great benefits it can have for runners, etc - I just haven't gotten around to it (read: I am too cheap to pay for classes and haven't known where to start with DVDs or YouTube videos). During that same time Kat from Katrina Elle has been nudging me (in a no-pressure, loving way of course) to try out some of the Beachbody workouts. When she told me about PiYo I decided it was one I was interested in giving a go and ordered the DVDs.

A little bit about PiYo. PiYo = Pilates + Yoga. But as I just said... I've never done either. I have been able to get Ryan to do a couple of the workouts with me and he describes it as Fast Yoga. It is more of a cardio workout with yoga-ish moves. It is all about dynamic movement to increase your strength and flexibility.

Pilates AND Yoga

As I mentioned, I ordered the DVDs about 2.5 months ago. With the DVD workouts there was a schedule that came along with them. I decided I would try it for 8 weeks (the basic calendar) and see how I felt, if I saw results, etc.. They suggest you take Before and After photos (Dani from Weight Off My Shoulders uses the terms Then and Now, since an active lifestyle is an ongoing process - which I LOVE). Below are my BEFORE'S/ THEN'S.

The schedule had 6 workouts a week and 1 rest day. Remember, I am still running at the time, so this has been IN ADDITION TO my current workouts (not in place of them). I would say I was able to normally get a consistent 5 workouts of PiYo in a week. Some days I would double up on the shorter workouts if I had missed one here or there, but I tried to stick with the calendar as much as my body would allow. I would say I missed maybe 5-8 of the 48 scheduled over the 8 weeks.

The workouts range from 20-50 minutes. With the names of the workouts being Sweat, Buns, Core, Drench, Sculpt, etc you can imaging they are NO JOKE!

Tired Dog

I have to be honest. At first it was some what frustrating. I wasn't familiar with the poses or what it was really supposed to "feel" like, so I felt like most of the workout was spent watching what they were doing and I was three steps behind. One of the girls that was doing the program at the same time as me suggested watching the workout to get the hang of it FIRST and then doing the workout. I never did that (mostly because I thought I would rather DO it, then have to watch it twice :)), but did think it was a great idea.

After doing the workouts a couple times I did start to get the hang of it and at least have an idea of what moves were coming next. Eight weeks done and I wouldn't say that I have perfected PiYo, but I could hold my own if I were to ever take a live class.

Hardcore Definition

One of the nice things about PiYo is that it is customizable. If you need to modify a pose or series of poses, one of the girls on the DVD will show you how (whether it is by using a chair for extra balance, not going as deep in a pose, etc). They really encourage you to figure out what works for you (while having good alignment that is) and going for it!

Modify Every Move in PiYo

I can't say for certain that I was doing all of the moves 100% correct, but I do know that I was sweating a lot and burning tons of calories. I haven't totally noticed my flexibility getting any better or it really effecting my running, but I have started to feel a bit stronger.

Sculpt and Define without Weights or Equipment

As you can (maybe) see in my AFTER'S/ NOW's, I might have started to get a bit more toned and even developed a little extra muscle (which way to the gun show?!).

I have to be honest. I had to actually make "side by side" pictures just to see if there was ANY difference... Obviously I chopped off my hair (and donated 10 inches) and the coloring is a little different because the "AFTER's" were shot with a flash, but other than that, I can't say I see too much improvement.

All-in-all, I have really enjoyed PiYo. I like having it in a DVD format, so I can just throw it in and press play. You don't need any special equipment - you are using your body to sculpt your body. It's also something that Ryan and I have been able to do together (and laugh while sweating our booties off). I don't know if I will continue to do it daily now that I have started up my Marathon Training again, but it I definitely something I want to keep in my arsenal and rotate into my routine.

Have you tried PiYo before? 


Kelly said...

Love your review! I've been doing the workouts for about 4 weeks now, not on a schedule, though. My sister and I were laughing our butts off when we couldn't get some of the moves, but along with marathon training - it's helped some. I think!

Web Designer said...

2 thoughts:
1. There is a pretty significant difference in the shot from the back. In a non-weird way and all - looking GOOD Carlee!! Making me wish I was still young :)
2. Does it jump your heart rate a lot? I have to find something to replace my bike riding for winter - but my heart rate can not exceed 120/80. Bike riding was really good for that and I was/am dropping pounds rather quickly - but it's getting too cold to ride. Thinking this might be a good replacement - but only if I can do it without getting my heart rate up too high. It's a difficult task. You are, of course, in way better shape than me but if it jumps your heart rate a lot, it would probably kill mine. Just give me your thoughts :)
Thanks for the review!!
Who was the video by?

Unknown said...

Good job Carlee! I see results!

KookyRunner said...

Love this post! I actually bought a Jillian Michaels yoga DVD a few weeks ago but I've only tried in twice because I just felt so awkward doing it. I am going to try a Yoga class tomorrow at my gym to see if I have any success at that.

Basically when I do yoga I look like a fish out of water gasping for air, LoL. Glad you like PiYo - I keep hearing amazing things about it!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you put them side-by-side, because I was having trouble comparing! I do agree with one of the posters above...the back picture, does show a difference. I also think when you're already very active, it might be harder to notice changes, especially at first. Other that that, you might have some changes that aren't observable, or maybe not yet.

I've been doing a lot of different things to work on my diastasis recti, since having my boys - a lot of which works on alignment and core strength. Visibly, I don't see much...which is frustrating, when you work so hard, and feel like you should see something...whole other story �� However, do notice improved core strength.

Anyway, I'm sure if you continue to integrate it in some way, over time you may see some improvements! Oh, and maybe you should come try barre with me now!! ��

Unknown said...

How did I miss this?? Love that you've benefited from PiYo girlie! MissYouLoveYou!