Saturday, October 25, 2014

Recent Runs

I don't mean to brag, but my runs lately have been pretty AMAZING :)

Thursday night I posted on Twitter that I had a 20 mile run the following morning, sort of pleading with someone to run with me. Well, you know your 20-miler is gonna ROCK when you wake up to a tweet from RunEMZ saying she was gonna run those miles "with" me (I know, I know, she was going to be on a treadmill in Arizona and I was going to be on a bike trail in Oceanside, but it's the moral support that counts!). 

Ummmm.... HOLY CRAP! 

I was heading out for a girls weekend in Palm Springs Friday afternoon so I know I needed to get my run in early. I was up by 5am (even though my alarm wasn't set till 6). Did a little Instagram double-clicking, blog checking and Twitter liking before getting ready to head out. I knew the temperatures were supposed to start rising early (so even if I didn't have somewhere to be by 12:15pm I still would have wanted to get out on the road earlier rather than later), but I decided to check the weather before heading out. Good thing I did or I would have been FREEZING! 

It was only in the 40s when I left the house, so I am glad I grabbed a long sleeve shirt! (By the time I got home it was already in the 70s so I am glad I got it in when I did before the temps rose even further.) Since I had my long sleeves on I didn't look at my watch much for the first 13 miles or so of the run. It looks like I was keeping an average pace of around 9:30/ mile, which is right around my long run pace - so that's awesome!

I stopped around mile 7 for some PROBAR BOLT Energy Chews and then around mile 14 to refill my water bottle and the rest of my chews. Other than those two pit stops and a couple traffic lights I was cruising. (Places to go, people to see.) I ended up getting my 20 miles done in about three hours and seven and a half minutes. 

Even with sitting in the car for about 3 hours later that afternoon, my body didn't feel too bad. I think this gradual increase in mileage has helped my body acclimate much better (THANKS Coach Krissy :)). Not to mention my PRO Compression gear and foam rolling :)

Some of the PRO Compression Ambassadors
are trying to see if #TwoPairDontCare will catch on :) 

This morning I had another 6 miles on the schedule. Even though I am in Palm Springs with some friends for a Girls Weekend I was still going to get my miles in. I wanted to get out the door before the heat started getting too crazy, so around 7:15am I was pounding the pavement. I stopped to take a couple pictures of the sunrise because it was just beautiful (the pictures don't even come close to doing it justice).

Sunsets are amazing, but sunrises are my jam!

The mountains outside of our front door! AWESOMESAUCE!

I LOVE when you can see the rays of sun from behind the clouds!

Along the way there were a ton of wind turbines. Of course I needed to grab another picture. They were so huge and with the mountains behind them they were just super cool.

These are HUGE!


I ended up running my 6 miles a little faster than I was supposed to, but it felt nice that even after a 20-miler yesterday, a bit of a road trip, and about 3 hours of sleep last night my body was still raring to go :) 

Now it's time to pack up the computer, get on my bathing suit and hang out at the pool for some more girl time (that is once everyone else wakes up :)).

Not a bad stop to blog, eh?

How have your runs been recently? 

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Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes said...

I've never been to Palm Springs, looks beautiful! Way to crush your 20 miler! Great job! Me, I haven't had such great runs lately...just finished my 2nd marathon and it didn't go quite as I had hoped :(