Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Change Of Plans

Sometimes, things happen and you have to change your plans. For a person like me, who is very rigid plan-oriented, that can be hard to swallow.

For example, yesterday afternoon I was in my bedroom getting changed so I could workout. I heard a cracking noise and Walt jumped off the bed to go check it out. A few seconds later I heard dripping water. I ran to our hall bathroom and discovered the tank of the toilet had EXPLODED and the water was leaking out. OH NO! Thankfully my Daddy-O is a plumber so I called him (back in Michigan) to walk me through what I needed to do (turn off the water, continually flush the toilet so the water would drain out of the tank rather than on the floor, etc).

Don't worry, I still got my workout it, but this was NOT how
I expected to spend some of my afternoon...

This morning I had my normal Tempo run on the calendar. I usually try to do it BEFORE work. I believe it originally started due to the heat and the fact that Ryan and I were a 1 car family for a while, so I needed to be back home in time for him to go surf. Even if it began out of necessity, I really enjoy my early morning runs (even if lately it has still been pitch dark out when I finish).

I was "up" around 2am this morning, tossing and turning, so around 4:30am I finally got out of bed. I went out to the living room, let Walt out of his house (we crate him at night) and sat down to check my social media. Walt got out of his bed and came over to cuddle with me. I was all ready to go (I even had my shoes on), but when that warm little snuggle-bug leaned on my leg, I said "SCREW IT, I'll run AFTER work." (He NEVER wants to cuddle with me... he definitely loves Ryan more than me.) I ended up laying down and "sleeping" with him until about 6am, when I finally got up to start working.

Normally I would NOT want to do my tempo run after work. A. It is the warmest part of the day (today I worked from 6:15am-12:15pm, so by the time I got to the beach it was around 1pm). B. I would rather run without a days worth of food in my tummy (sometimes I can have stomach issues, so I like running in the morning when I don't have much food in my system). C. It is busier down on the strand (DUH - although I am always pleasantly surprised at how much hustle and bustle there is down by the pier around 5am), which means sometimes I end up doing a little more weaving, stopping at crosswalks, and have to watch for the rouge bikers.

Temp when I was ready to leave this morning vs. when
I actually ran this afternoon

Thankfully I was still able to get all 6 miles in under my tempo pace (which is 8:04/ mile). My miles were: 7:29, 8:01, 7:55, 7:44, 7:47 and 7:19. I was telling a friend afterwards that it is MUCH easier to run first thing in the morning for me. I find I have less excuses, it is cooler (which cuts down on the sweat in my eyes), and I don't have to worry about everyone else. Sure, I am still safe and observant at 5am, but I can see car headlights, reflective clothing, etc at that time. Also, people tend to be a lot nicer (maybe it is just because I see the same people every time - but today I was coming up on a group that was walking FOUR deep across the sidewalk. I said "Excuse me, on your left" and ALL FOUR OF THEM turned around and just stared at me...).

I am blessed to be able to run when it is convenient for me, but I am hoping to stick with my early morning runs, at least for my tempo workouts. They tend to be faster... and let's be honest, sometimes it is all about the time, bout the time, not pleasure... :)

Is it just me or does EVERYONE love the selfie
timer on the iPhones?!

Do you prefer to run in the morning? In the evening? Or somewhere in between?


SD Mom said...

Sorry about your toilet but glad your dad could help! And um, duh, I LOVE anything that can make selfies easier!

Briana sheffer said...

Refuse to be average, awesome shirt!