Friday, August 1, 2014

Listening To Your Body

This morning I woke up at 5:30am with every intention of heading out for a long run. As soon as I got out if bed, though, I knew that probably wasn't going to happen. The first step I took I could tell my calves were SCREAMING. Okay, lesson learned, don't run stairs the night before a long run... Oops!

I sat in the living room, massaging and stretching my calves for about 25 minutes to see if they would feel any better, but they were still sore and as hard as a rock. I was frustrated, I was ticked off, I was angry with myself, but then I realized I NEED TO LISTEN TO MY BODY!


(I am the type of person that if I have something planned, even if it is just in my mind, and it doesn't happen, I can really get bent out of shape... I am not so good with "rolling with the punches" or "going with the flow". I am a planner and when things don't go according to my plan, I have a hard time dealing... Yes, I realize it probably isn't the best thing, but seems to be the way I am wired.)

I'm not currently on a training schedule of any kind (the one that Krissy at Outrunning the Monorail is setting up for me won't start until the beginning of September), although I do have the Dumbo Double Dare on the calendar for the end of the month (HOLY CRAP, how is it already August?!). With that being said, I realized I needed the morning off. Sure, I probably could have went and knocked out a long run, but at why cost?

So, instead of running, I went back to sleep. Okay, maybe not sleep, but I did lay back down for about an hour and a half (which included puppy snuggles - PRICELESS). And you know what? It will be okay! I don't have to be mad at myself or my body! Sometimes you need a break and it is OKAY to take one.


I am still thinking I will head out there later this afternoon and get some type of workout in, but just not the long run I originally had planned in my head. That run will just have to wait until tomorrow.

Do you find it easy to listen to your body?


The Silent Assassin said...

No..and now yes. the first time I didn't listen I went out and still ran/worked out and paid for it dearly...on the shelf with peroneal tendinitis for 2 weeks. yeah, you did good C. Go take a hot bath with epsom salt and foam roll.

Danielle said...

Haha, um yeah...stairs in sandals probably aren't the best idea the day before a long run!

Glad you took the time to rest!