Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Disneyland Half Marathon Outfit Reveal

Yesterday I did the first post of my Dumbo Double Dare costumes - my Disneyland 10K outfit, so you know what is coming now, right?! The Disneyland Half Marathon Costume!!

WARNING: This costume is not as "fun" and intricate as the 10K costume, but remember, I will be running twice the distance (over 13 miles) in it, so I needed to make it a little more functional.

I was looking through the pictures from last year's Disneyland 10K (feel free to check out my recap of the race here) and came across this picture...

Yes, I know the theme of last year's race was Alice In Wonderland, so Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum made sense (this year's theme is Lilo & Stitch), but when I saw how fun they were, I figured I just HAD to do it! Not only that, I knew I could make it a "runner friendly" costume.

When it came to the top - I went and bought a yellow tshirt (I was looking for a tank top, because I knew the weather would be warm, but couldn't find one). Thankfully I found the right color and didn't have to do any dying for this costume.

The first step was to add a "collar". I laid the shirt out and then with a piece of computer paper I traced what I thought would work well. I cut it out and sort of placed it on the shirt while I had it on. Once I had the two pieces the sizes I wanted (FYI - I did want to go BIGGER with them, but hubby thought the smaller size was "cuter"), I traced the template onto the white felt, cut it out, and hot glued it on the shirt.

I found a blue bow at a local bodega and thought it would work perfectly. I'm sure you can guess what came next... More hot glue :)

This past weekend Ryan and I finally went and picked up a sewing kit (I guess we've just never had a use for one before ;)). I put a couple "safety" stitches in the collar, as well as the bow, that way in case the glue starts to come off, at least a few main points would still be "stuck".

The other main feature of the outfit is the HAT! Thankfully I was able to find one cheap on Amazon and didn't have to worry about trying to make one (although I did mention it to Ryan and he veto'ed that idea right away).

As far as the rest of the costume, it is just my standard running gear. I've got a Sparkle Athletic skirt (red), a pair of PRO Compression socks (yellow), and my RoadID bracelet (yellow) to round out the rest of my outfit.

I might not have gone all out like I did for my Disneyland 10K costume, but I am confident I will be able to run a great race (and hopefully make a couple people smile along the way)!

Have you ever ran in a costume?


SD Mom said...

I like this one even better than the 10k one. I love it! Can't wait to see pictures!

Jennifer @ The Final Forty said...

CUTE! I think it looks great! :)

Diana B said...

So cute! Love this one too!!

The Silent Assassin said...

nice. I've worn a ninja costume before. I wore the headgear for about a mile and it was too hot. I kept on my side belt until I saw the finish line and put it back on =) what is it? 10k and half the same day? or back to back days?