Thursday, August 21, 2014

Going with the Flow

If you know me, you know I am QUITE the planner... I definitely tend to get my feathers all ruffled if things don't go exactly to my plan. I know, I know, not the easiest type of person to be around, I totally own it.

With that being said, in comes yesterday morning...

A little back story. When I set my alarm for any time before say 6am, my body freaks out and is very scared it will oversleep (even though that has only ever happened like 3 times in my life), so I wake up multiple times, only to look at the clock and realize I have longer to "sleep".

Yesterday morning I rolled over around 2am and actually thought someone was taking pictures outside... Nope, just lightning (weird, though, because no rain was coming... just a lightning storm). Okay, 3:30am comes around and I look at the clock and huff a bit because I still have a little longer to sleep. Back to sleep... OH CRAP... WHAT WAS THAT?! Thunder... What is going on outside?! Finally, it's 4:40am and I just decide to get up already (my alarm is set for 5:15am on mornings I do my "sunrise runs", but I think I have only ever slept until the alarm ONCE).

I walk out into the living room (where I keep my running clothes so I don't wake up hubby when I am running BEFORE the butt-crack of dawn) and see the lightning and (hear the) thunder are still wildly on display. I open my Weather app on my phone right as the rain starts.

Flash flood warnings for Camp Pendleton (a rock's throw from our house)... Mostly because of the fires we had earlier this year, which have cause very loose and unstable ground... Expiring around 6:30am (which is when I normally finish my "sunrise run")...

Well, hopefully you can guess what happened next... BACK TO BED! BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY! (We crate Walt at night, but since he was already out of his "house" I just brought him in the bed - yay!) At this point I was already a little anxious because I didn't get my planned run in, but decided that maybe it would work out better. Normally my Thursday workout is a 20 mile bike ride, but I figured I would switch it with my Wednesday (since the "weather" changed my plans of getting in a morning run before work anyway).

So after work yesterday I hit the bike trail. I wish I could say the rain helped with the humidity and heat we have been dealing with, but unfortunately it did NOT. It just made it extra steamy... YUCK! But I still got in my miles (followed by PiYo Define: Lower Body).

Glad to have drinking fountains along my path so I can refill when I'm out!

Thankfully when I woke up this morning there was no lightning or rain, so I was able to hit up the beach for a strong six miles. The sun has been rising a little later these mornings though... When I first started my "pre-work" runs it was sunny, but now the sun doesn't start making an appearance until the last mile or so of my run.

And then this afternoon I was able to get in PiYo Core (it is my least favorite of the workouts I've tried thus far, but probably because my core isn't a "powerhouse" quite yet, so it is HARD).

Moral of the story: Changing your plan doesn't have to be a disaster. No need to get my big girl panties in a bunch. Sometimes you need to learn to just go with the flow...

Are you a planner? Or does going with the flow come naturally to you?


Kimberley@Black Dog Runs the World said...

We must have been sharing a brain yesterday, lol!

The Silent Assassin said...

I try to start up with a plan...but it never goes "according to plan"... so then I just wing it. Hopefully you're not mad that I nominated you for the #ibc. If you don't wan to do it... then its all good =)