Saturday, May 24, 2014

Workout Recap - Week 21

Sunday, May 18th – Surfer's Path Marathon, 1 minute plank, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Somehow I still had energy to jump after running 26.2 miles :)

Monday, May 19th –  Rest day, 1 minute plank, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Holy ouch... 

Tuesday, May 20th –  Rest day, 1 minute plank, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Wednesday, May 21st –  3 mile run, 1 minute plank, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Thursday, May 22nd – Rest day, 1 minute plank, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Friday, May 23rd – 4 mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Saturday, May 24th – Rest day

It's hard to believe, after 14+ weeks of training, I have COMPLETED my FIRST FULL MARATHON! Wowzer! If you haven't read my recap of the race yet, please check it out here. And now I can't believe it has almost been a week since I became a MARATHONER! 

This week contained a little more rest and recovery than normal (FOUR REST DAYS, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!), but even still Ryan and I have a 10K race tomorrow morning, so I wanted to get in a few miles during the week (to make sure my legs still work - thankfully they do!). I have felt like I am catching something the last few days (feverish, sore back, etc), so that has also played into the rest days. Hopefully it is just my body telling me to slow down a bit and it goes away soon (no coughing, sneezing, congestion, etc - just SUCKTASTIC chills, sweats, and feeling like I was hit by a train). 

Also, as you can see, my Plank-A-Day streak stopped on Friday. I got in a good 52 days in a row though, that's not too shabby! 

How were your workouts this past week? 

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