Saturday, May 31, 2014

PRO Compression RnRSD Shake Out Run

This morning I jumped in the car and made my way down to San Diego for PRO Compression's Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Shake Out Run.

Thanks to StuftMama for the picture and SkinnyRunnerSR for the flyer!

Nope, I am not running in any of the races (I did the half last year though, feel free to check out the recap here), but am a PRO Compression Ambassador (still stunned I was picked to be among the lucky ones) and since it was "local" I wanted to make it happen.

Thanks to Smitha for the picture!
Some of the folks that made it to the run. 

We met down at the Bahia Hotel for an "easy" 3.5 mile run around Mission Bay. Technically, since I hadn't run since Monday and because I don't have a race tomorrow like the majority of the runners, I didn't need to save my legs, so might have gone out a little faster than necessary :).

Thanks to StuftMama for some action shots during the run!

After the lovely run, we met back in the Bahia parking lot for some yummy refreshments (Water, Bagels, Nuttzo, Nuun, Clif Shot Bloks, Bananas, etc) and GIVEAWAYS! Who doesn't love FREE GEAR?! Especially when it is AMAZING stuff from PRO Compression, Halo Headband, and other AWESOME companies!

Why, yes, of course, StuftMama caught me using a banana as a SMILE for the picture!

(Holly and I may or may not have grabbed up a few extra Nuun packets that were used as raffle tickets to better our odds of winning - which helped me win a new pair of NEON PINK Marathon Socks and a BANGIN' trucker hat that will be PERFECT for our Lake Powell trip in less than a month.)

I think StuftMama caught my excitement pretty well, what do you think?

And before I left we HAD to take pictures to capture a small portion of the blogger/ runner LOVE!

Me and StuftMama.
Thanks for helping put this shin-dig together!

Selfies with Melissa!

The one, the only SkinnyRunnerSR.
Remember when she took FIRST PLACE in her first 100K two weeks ago?!

Since a lot of these ladies are local, I REALLY hope we can make runs like this happen more often. Shoot, I won't be able to keep up with them for more than a few miles, but they are all wonderful women and even if I can just jog next to them for a few minutes it is better than nothing!! A BIG THANKS TO PRO COMPRESSION, STUFTMAMA AND SKINNYRUNNERSR FOR MAKING THIS RUN HAPPEN!! AND TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT TO MAKE IT SUCCESSFUL!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! If only I could've made that east coast/west coast commute to join you :)

EB said...

Looks like you all had a great time!