Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back To The Grind

You probably thought this post was going to be about starting my workouts again after my first full marathon. Well, technically I did... yesterday (today I feel like I might be coming down with something so decided to take an extra rest day)... but that isn't what this post is about.

I am headed back to the WORKING WORLD!

You may remember back in January, I posted about taking a bit of a retirement. Although I have LOVED it (I mean, shoot, I trained for and ran my first full marathon, spent time in the Caribbean, enjoyed the life of a housewife, etc), I knew it couldn't last forever. Today was my first day back at a job.

I have returned to the company I was at before my "retirement", but this time I will be working part time and FROM HOME! I am an extremely self-motivated person (if you couldn't tell), so I know working from home won't be an issue for me. I will be working Monday thru Thursday, 8am - 2pm. I figured this will allow me the flexibility to be able to run before or after work (apparently that is now a deciding factor in taking a job - WHO AM I?!), as well as bring in some extra cash for our family (because those race entries are expensive, hehe).

Don't get me wrong, if someone would be willing to pay me to run, blog, take pictures, go to the beach, etc I would NOT pass it up (give them my phone number like RIGHT NOW)... But until I find that person/ company, I will labor away like the rest of the "real world".

Here goes nothing!


Anonymous said...

Good luck heading back to work! And if you find that person to pay you to run and blog for a living, give them my number, too!

EB said...

Good luck heading back to work! Your hours look perfect for a runner! :)