Wednesday, May 14, 2014

REVIEW: M80 Roller

Like I mentioned in my post containing Tips on Training for your First Marathon - RECOVERY IS KEY! And I was lucky enough to be sent an M80 Roller to try out during these last few weeks of marathon training.

I believe I originally learned about this company through two AMAZING runners - RunEMZ and Pavement Runner. My thought is, if they give something the green light, it is probably MONEY and I should jump on it, hehe.

I reached out to Matt, the owner and creator of the M80 Roller, and he was more than sweet. I LOVE the fact that the warehouse is located just up the road from me, in Huntington Beach. When I told Matt I was in the thick of my marathon training and looking for an awesome roller he offered to send one for me to play around with (and even allowed me to pick the color - which may have been the hardest choice, seeing as they have over 30 color combinations {PS I did suggest a Maize and Blue combo... Crossing my fingers it is in the works, but until then I selected Yellow on Yellow})!

I have other rollers. The first one I ordered (when I was just starting out on my running journey and had an ornery IT band) was literally just a tube of foam. I found it on Amazon and thought it might do the trick. It kept its shape for all of maybe two or three weeks and then started compressing in the middle of the tube. We still have it in the closet, but it hasn't gotten much use lately (really the only reason we keep it is because it is 30" long instead of my other ones that are 15"). My sister-in-law got me a "nice" one two Christmases ago. Let me tell you, you can TOTALLY feel the difference in a quality roller! They are WELL worth the money! Although I thought the one that my sister-in-law got me was great, when I tried it next to the M80 Roller I instantly felt the difference. The M80 Roller is so much firmer than my current one and I get such a deeper massage.

The M80 Roller is built with Industrial Grade Pipe and Premium Grooves which relieves tight muscles and breaks down scar tissue quicker. Honestly, I could tell how much "tougher" this roller was on just the first use. M80 Rollers go back to the basics of what Self Myofascial Release (Deep Tissue Stimulation) really is. It hurts so good! :)

I love that these rollers have a "closed cell technology", meaning it prevents any moisture from absorbing into the material and leaves the roller germ-free for years to come. It is also hand washable, so just in case you get it a bit sweaty or grubby you can give it a quick scrub and get it back to new.


These are extremely well constructed and superior rollers. They are Made in the U.S.A., which I DEFINITELY appreciate. Not only are they made up the street from me, but Matt hand inspects each and every roller before it leaves the warehouse, making sure it is of the utmost quality before it leaves his possession.

I have been using this roller daily (some days, depending on my workouts or how my body is feeling, I bust it out multiple times a day) for a little over a month now and it still looks and feels the same way it did when I originally pulled it out of the box. My hubby (who has about 85 pounds on me) also has been using the roller and loves it as well!

If you are in the market for a roller (or even if you think your current one is fine and you don't need a new one), I would STRONGLY urge you to check out M80 Rollers! You will NOT be disappointed! Your muscles will SCREAM "Thank You" after using one (you may possibly scream a few obscenities in the process, but that's how you know it's working, right?!)!

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Erin said...

Awesome! Definitely will look into that - I've got a standard foam roller but feel like it's not really releasing the muscles - rather just flattening them.
BTW - Your "in use" pics are awesome!