Friday, May 30, 2014

Home Office

This week was my first week working for home. Sure I worked Thursday (and a couple hours on Friday) last week, and technically this wasn't even a "full" week because I didn't work on Memorial Day, but I am getting into the swing of things.

Ryan and I went over to Staples the other night to pick up a few organizational items I needed, but everything else we pretty much had or I was able to pick up from the company I work for (the room was our "office"/ guest bedroom before).

I figured I would take a couple quick pictures of my space for you. Maybe I should have waited for hubby, the photographer, to get home or actually used the "good" camera, but I guess the iPhone shots will have to do :)

View from the closet looking towards my desk.

Some of hubby's art, a newspaper clipping of me when I was a wee-one, and
some of our wedding stuff (button bouquet and button boutonniere).

View from the bedroom door into the room.

Computer area, complete with Reef mouse pad :)

I'm sure once I am working in the space longer I will probably change it up a bit, but for now it definitely does what I need it to. Not sure if I'll need more work space and have to move the scanner or printer off the desk, but for now I can "make it work" (as Tim Gunn says).

But.... shhhhh... don't tell the boss... my co-worker tends to sleep on the job... I'm assuming NO CHRISTMAS BONUS FOR HIM!

He appreciates having me home, but thinks work is boring :)
At least it puts bones in his bowl!

Do you work from home? Is your work space neat and tidy or more of an "organized chaos"? 


Crickettsmom said...

Looks good! Your 'guests' won't get to sleep in if you have to work that day!

Anonymous said...

Love the space! Neither my husband nor I are in professions where working at home would be an option. I am not sure if I am disciplined enough to do that anyways. I am so easily distracted.