Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt

If you know my hubby (or read my blog occasionally) then you know he has a HUGE sweet tooth! Sugar is his JAM, whether it is ice cream, candy, cookies, Slurpees, you name it, he wants it :)

While we were hanging out with some friends this past weekend, they mentioned a new ice cream shop they wanted to try and I just couldn't say no. The place is called Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt. Their "shtick" is that instead of having pre-made ice cream, they actually FREEZE your food in front of you with liquid nitrogen... using SUB ZERO temperatures (get it?!).

I am not much of a sweets gal, but I still thought I'd give it a try. I decided to go with the Watermelon Yogurt (normally FroYo is my go-to because it seems lighter, a bit healthier, and not as creamy) with mixed berries and peaches.

Watching them "make" the desserts is pretty cool. We went with our friends and their four kids, so seeing their excitement over the whole ordeal definitely made the experience worth it.

But... I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with mine. The texture was a bit off, which I would assume is because it is freezing at different times. It wasn't like a 'smooth' frozen yogurt... More like some felt like little ice crystals and some were like a pellet of yogurt (more like a dippin' dot rather than a cup of one scoop of something). I did try some of the other flavors (ice cream vs yogurt, fruity vs sweet) and they were okay.

I mean, I think the process is awesome to watch and I would definitely suggest checking it out once to try it for yourself. (But I think it is back to Menchie's I go :) )

Are you all about the flash? Or do you stick with the tried and true?

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