Wednesday, January 29, 2014

REVIEW: PocketFuel Naturals

I love getting mail from RunnerBox. I never quite know what to expect, but know it will be great (it's like Christmas in a box). Did you know that all of the products they send out have been tested? They are either tried-and-true products already loved in the running community or they are personally tested by those AMAZING employees at RunnerBox.

In my most recent shipment from RunnerBox I received a couple samples of PocketFuel Naturals

As you have heard me state in the past, I know VERY LITTLE about fueling. I don't really know when to do it, how to do it, what works best for my body, etc. The little that I have learned I seemed to have stumbled across accidentally.

PocketFuel Naturals recently came out with a new line - the Cold Brew Coffee Energy Shots (which is why I would assume RunnerBox was able to score some to send to me - a way to get the word out about the new product). The three flavors are Vanilla, Mocha, and Java. 

I am not a coffee drinker. I "blame" that on my parents growing up. My dad would bring two Pepsi's with him to work every morning and my mom never drank coffee (until recently that is) so we never even had the smell of it in our house. I have heard you can "acquire" the taste for coffee, but I think I am okay right now sticking with my H2O. Anyway, with that being said, I gave the two coffee flavored fuels to my hubby.

Ryan's "Tools of the Trade" from his Sunday run

Ryan said, "I really liked the coffee flavoring. It tasted good and had an extra little kick of caffeine to get me going. The fuel was a good consistency, not to liquid-y and not too thick, just smooth and easy to eat. The package size was convenient as well; it fits great in my running shorts' pocket."

Although coffee isn't for me, NUTS definitely are! Yum! And thankfully the other flavors that came were some of their nut variety.

I used the Hazelnut Vanilla flavor before my run on last Monday. It had a great flavor. (Warning, I have an "issue" with textures. One reason I never really got into fueling was because of the gooey consistency of other fuels. They remind me of swallowing snot, not something I am too stoked on, which is another reason, along with lack of knowledge, as to why I haven't gotten into the fuel game.) It reminded me of peanut butter, which although somewhat difficult to get swallow, was a lot more appealing than the gooey types of fueling I have seen advertised. {PS I probably didn't "squish and squeeze" the package enough - I'm sure with a little more working around and a little heat it would have been a little smoother. Also, the taste may have made me bias to think it was going to have a nut-butter consistency.}

I took about half of the sample before my run. As I was running I thought to myself, "since it has a similar texture as peanut butter, I bet it would be great on toast". So when I got back from my run that is exactly what I did with the rest of the sample. The 100% natural fuel (with very limited ingredients - ALL OF WHICH I CAN PRONOUNCE AND HAVE HEARD OF BEFORE) kept me full and energized.

Something SUPER sweet that I learned about PocketFuel Naturals (I actually found out about it through Evelin's review of their product here) is that their mid-size pouch (1.8 ounces) is actually a refillable container! How awesome is that?! It often seems as though fuel (most of which are in sample size or one time use wrappers) come in packaging that is discarded after use. I LOVE that PocketFuel Naturals has made their containers reusable! Reduce, Reuse, Refuel (clever, huh?!). Two thumbs up from me on that!!


AND GUESS WHAT! I just won the giveaway that I referenced above from Evelin's blog!! I AM ONE LUCKY DUCK!! So now I will be able to try even more of their flavors!! 

An afternoon snack

As always, if YOU would like to try RunnerBox and have the opportunity to try out some of these AWESOME samples AND THEN SOME, make sure to use my ambassador code to get 10% off your order!


bookgirl said...

Thank you for the coupon code! I love runner box and I just re-subscribed.

Anna said...

I love PocketFuel! I was totally jealous when I saw that you won Evelin's giveaway.

I was sent samples of all the flavors when I hosted #VegRunChat, and absolutely loved them all.

I put the chocolate haze one on a bagel, but the rest I just ate from the packet. Definitely lots of squishing and squeezing needed in the sub-zero temps we're having!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the coupon code! I just ordered my first box!