Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dating ABCs: M

I was at the gym last week and saw a commercial on ESPN. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the PERFECT M date for Ryan and I. What was the commercial you ask? MONSTER JAM! And it just so happened to be the weekend of our M date - how awesome is that?!

Once I finished my workout I texted Ryan to see if he would be interested (like it was even a question) and he IMMEDIATELY said YES!

We had been to Monster Jam once before (I won tickets through a radio station), but honestly Ryan or I couldn't really remember anything about it. We knew we had fun (because WHAT don't we have fun doing together - DUH), but we sort of forgot what it was like.

In case you have never been or if you have been and forgot (like us), the quick breakdown is they have two Monster Trucks racing against each other. The one that wins goes on to the next round. They have a championship race and the fastest one wins. The BEST part is what happens AFTER the races though - FREE STYLE! This is where the Monster Trucks get to go around the course for 90 second and try to get as many points (determined by the judges) as possible. Big airs, crushing cars, donuts, ramping off buses, etc is the name of the game.

BE PREPARED FOR LOTS OF TRUCK PICTURES! Ryan actually took over 500 (he was shooting on "sports shot" that rapid fires, as to not miss anything, but don't worry I did narrow them down from his LARGE number of pictures).

El Diablo

Smashing a van that looks like the one we just sold... 

Hand stand?

Massive Air!

He saved it! Didn't roll it! 

Love that you can see the drivers face in this one!

Yep... That's fire... 

Ryan was waiting (not so) patiently for Grave Digger. The funny thing about Grave Digger's free style was that the cover of his truck came off... It was as if he was molting like a snake... By the end of his free style period the truck was completely bare - a "nudey" truck!

Ryan's favorite!

Flyin' high!

"Hood" starting to come off...

How can he see?!

More of the body flying off...

Just a little bit left... 

Still hanging on by a thread...

NUDE Monster Truck!
Fireworks on my phone

Thank you Monster Jam for a fun filled night!

I asked Ryan what has been his favorite date up to this point. At first he said "All of them, because I am with you", but then he fessed up... "MONSTER JAM".

Oh yeah, and of course I had to grab a little video of some of the runs ;) Enjoy!

El Toro Loco ends up on her horns:

Captain's Curse saved it from rolling over:

A little Flipagram I made out of the CARTWHEELING truck during the time trials ;)

And a little Grave Digger to end the night:

Not sure how the rest of the alphabet will be able to compete with Monster Jam (at least in Ryan's opinion), but shoot, we are gonna try ;)

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