Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Time at Disneyland


Yep, we ALMOST missed Christmas Time at Disneyland. Well, we couldn't let that happen. The decorations come down tomorrow, so we decided to hit up the parks this morning. Friends of ours offered to let Walt the Wiener Dog stay the night at their place, that way we could leave early and get up there for as long as we liked (WE HAVE THE BESTEST BUDS EVA!).

We left the house around 7 and got up to Anaheim around 7:45 (the parks opened at 8 this morning). We thought it would be easy-peasy parking, but luck wasn't on our side. We were re-routed to 3 different parking lots, but finally made it into the parks around 8:30am.

Although the parking lots were bustling, the parks seemed empty - LUCKY US! We decided, since we have annual passes, that we were mostly going to experience Christmas and hit a couple rides if we wanted. We (okay, more like ME) wanted to take some character pictures, see the decorations, and head out before it gets too busy and hot (high of about 84* at DL today).

The OBVIOUS shot, right?! 

Normally HATE kissing pictures (it looks like someone is eating someone else's face), but had to put it in for good measure ;) 

Now, I know some people may thing Jungle Cruise is a LAME ride, but we are NOT those people! Ryan and I think the cornier the better! And when we heard that Disney was changing the ride over to the JINGLE Cruise for the holidays we KNEW we HAD to go on it!

First ride of the day - DUH!


Cute snowman! 

Little background on the next set of pictures. Captain Hook was out by the Carousel and I wanted my picture with him. The line was pretty line, so I told Ryan not to worry about it. We started walking away and Captain Hook came up behind me and SCARED me! I asked Ryan if he got it on camera and he said he didn't. So then I decided I would run up next to him (he must have been leaving for a break) and try to get a shot with him. Well, along the way he was scaring people and playing pranks on them. I tried to stand next to him in the first picture to act scared and he saw me, well, then he started joking around and getting in front of all the shots. Hence the following play time ensued ;)

Love that his dog tag says "If found, please return to Mickey Mouse"

Minnie - I am sorry I blocked your shot! 

Little known fact - there is a petting zoo in Disneyland. This is one of Ryan's FAVORITE parts! He had to play around with the goaties and el burro.

"I like your goatie beard sir"

"Ears, better to hear you with"

"I am part of the heard!"

Just call him a Billy Goat! 

Boo! We missed Santa... But his set up was pretty sweet!

Ryan tried to do a selfie of us and the castle... 

I guess this one works... 

If you didn't know, my hubby is an AMAZING artist! He is a graphic designer, currently working for Reef. Well, every time we go to California Adventure he wants to go into "Animation Station" to learn to draw a new character. When we walked by we saw that it was Olaf from Frozen (which we had just seen with our nephews over Christmas) so HAD to sit in and give it a shot!

I guess I gave him the "baby unicorn" nose ;)

The photographer told us to do this?

The photographer told Ryan to kiss my cheek - he happily obliged <3

Lightning McQueen was coming in to take Mater's spot at the Cozy Cone Motel

And he even CA-CHOW'ed us (okay, maybe it was just the sun glare, but it sure seemed like it!)

Tow Mater had his Santa hat on! SO CUTE! 

SHHHHHH! I was DA BOMB at finding Hidden Mickeys ALL DAY LONG!

We LOVE the Silly Symphony Swings! 

Ryan was getting pretty good at the selfies today!

There was a Three Kings Day celebration going on today - so we picked up some maracas and danced!

We left the parks around 12:15pm. We hit all the rides we were planning on getting, got tons of 'winning' pictures, and did everything we wanted in under 4 hours - not too shabby!!

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