Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zombie Class?

College Course Preps Pupils for Zombie Apocalypse

The walking dead have shambled after the living for decades now, and in every previous instance humanity has been able to overcome them -- by outsmarting them, outrunning them or outfighting them. But now administrators at the University of Baltimore are dealing with a bizarre zombie infestation of their own -- in the classroom itself.

Course No. CMAT 333 is simply called "Media Genres." It isn't until you look at the topics part of the schedule that it identifies the media genre to be studied. It's summed up in one word: "zombies."

The class is dedicated to the study of zombies in popular culture. Coursework consists of watching 16 classic zombie films over the course of the semester, supplemented by reading. The course culminates in a final analysis research paper, although storyboarding a zombie story or writing a zombie script are viable alternatives.

Instructor Arnold Blumberg told AOL News the idea hit him when university administrators mentioned that they were starting a pop culture minor.

The rest of this crazy story here.

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