Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scooter Drama

Okay. We have had quite the scooter drama these last two days (mostly yesterday, but hopefully it will be finishing today). Yesterday I went to the DMV to register the scooter. I stood in line for about 2 hours, only to be told that I needed to go sit in a line outside to have the scooter 'verified' before they can finish the registration process. So I went and sat in the registration line outside (on the scooter). They finally got to me about an hour later. The lady is inspecting the scooter, making sure the VIN number matches all over, checking the miles, etc. She has me pop the seat (that is another place where the VIN is located) and she then asks me if we bought the scooter out-of-state. I told her that we bought the scooter from a guy over in Carlsbad, but that he had originally bought the scooter in Arizona. She told me that we weren't able to register it because we weren't party to that out-of-state transaction. She told me that the options we had were to have the guy that we bought it from try and register it or sell it to someone that was planning on registering it out-of-state. She didn't really explain herself well, but I was quite frustrated. I had wasted 3 hours of my day and we could have possibly wasted a good chunk of change on the scooter that we wouldn't be able to use. I looked up more info online after I had simmered down a little. I found out the reason behind it was because of the emissions certification. Apparently the scooter is certified in 49 states... You guessed it, the one state left out is CALIFORNIA. We emailed the guy we bought it from and left him a message. Ryan got a call back from him and he said that he would be willing to give us our money back. He said that he would try to register it himself (and let us know if he could re-sell it to us again), but at least we are getting our money back. So today I have to ride the scooter over to his house and Ryan will pick me and our money up - then I will drop him off at work and go back and grab him when he is done at work. I have calmed down about it, and am SO thankful that we didn't lose our money. I guess the scooter hunt begins again... And we now know some more things we need to look for when we are buying one :)

Good thing I didn't name the scooter yet, that would have been harder to give him back :)

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