Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was AWFULLY BUSY, but it was AWFULLY FUN too!! We started by flying into Detroit at 7am Friday morning (yes, we were 2 hours late, grrrrr). My parents picked us up from the airport. We hung out in the morning at the house and then hit up the Toledo Art Museum. (We took pictures in the rooms that we weren't allowed, which is why some of them are off-centered, they were taken down by my pocket, trying to be discrete).

After the Art Museum we hit up BD's Mongolian BBQ for our birthday dinner.

Saturday morning my parents drove us up to Ann Arbor to tailgate with the McClurgs and Leighs. My parents were able to stay and hang out with everyone for a while before we headed to the game. We had some yummy food, cornhole games, etc.

After the tailgate we went to the University of Michigan season opener! The McClurgs have some AWESOME seats. They are in the new addition. There were fun fly overs before the game, and WE WON, so of course it was AMAZING!! It was WONDERFUL to be back in Ann Arbor and at the football games again.

After the game we drove up to Cheboygan. While in the car we taught Matthew about Unicorns and Centaurs (half man, half horse) and jammed to some kid songs. We got in to Cheboygan around 11:30pm or so, so just went to bed. Sunday morning we woke up to a chilly morning on the lake. Ryan went water skiing, we took the jet skis out (we had to run them out of gas before the summer was over), took the yellow Corvette out, went for a bike ride in the woods, took the peddle kayaks out, and then got ready to go to the wedding.

[This one is for you, Daddy-O]

After an action packed morning we went down to the Simons to celebrate the wedding of BJ and Alex. It was pretty chilly out, but definitely a beautiful setting on Mullett Lake.

After the ceremony we made our way down to the Country Club to celebrate the night. The 'kids' were all seated together in the back corner, but we definitely made the best of it. They had different food stations (like countries all around the room), the Karlz as a live band, and an AWESOME evening!

Monday was our last day in Cheboygan, so we had to make the most out of it. We had a lot of nephew time in. The boys went out on the water (I opted to try and stay warm). Then we had a birthday lunch (Aaron's birthday was the 6th, mine is the 10th, and Ryan's is the 13th... Eric's was in August, so we threw him in there too), opened gifts, and had some carrot cake. After the birthday bash we went down to the Saffords for a little brunch that they had thrown for everyone that went to the wedding. EVERYONE has boys up there (no honestly, there weren't any little girls, just a full hockey team of BOYS), so it got quite loud and rambunctious, but fun nonetheless.

After the brunch we had to come back and pack up and get ready to go. We took a few pictures and then the Leighs had to pack up and head back south.

Meg happened to be on our flight from the Pellston airport to Detroit, so we were all able to hang out at the airport while waiting for the plane to come. It is such a small airport, that they don't even open security until the plane comes, and then you walk straight through security onto the plane (you don't sit at the gate).

We finally got back to our house by about 11:30pm Monday night after a whirlwind of a weekend, but not until after we had some Hungry Howie's in the Metro Airport :)

And of course, there are TONS more pictures, so make sure you check out the rest here.

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