Monday, September 13, 2010

Scoot Scoot


The guy we bought it from originally was able to get it registered at the DMV last week. He called us and wanted to check to see if we still wanted it. Ryan was sick and we weren't sure if we wanted the headache again, so we waited till Saturday to call him back. When Ryan got through to him, he said that he had actually offered it to someone else, but since we had first dibs we could pick it up Sunday (WE JUST BARELY GOT IT BACK!).

I am planning on taking it to the DMV tomorrow, so wish me luck on that. I am hoping since it already has plates and is registered in California it will be a much easier this time around, but with the DMV you NEVER know.

I took the scoot-scoot to D.A.V.'s this morning because Ryan and I had done some fall cleaning of our closets this weekend. I probably looked like a Clampett, but I put one back under the seat (where the helmets can go), one bag on the little hanger on the front (where you can hang a purse I think) and then had a bookbag on. The guys taking the donation were joking around with me about how much I could fit (and asked if they could go for a ride).

The one bummer thing I noticed today was that I'M NOT HEAVY ENOUGH!! Most of the left turn lights around here are weight sensor-ed. With that being said, me and the scoot-scoot aren't heavy enough to change the lights. I set through an average of 3 LIGHTS until another car would come up behind me and help set off the sensor. Maybe I should think about making only right-turns :)

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Anonymous said...

not heavy enough???? some might consider that a blessing little girl!
p.s. glad he's back!!!!!!!!!!!! go lil' red, go!!!!!