Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Road Trip

YAY! We are taking a ROAD TRIP this weekend! Ryan and I are going to go to Palm Springs with the Georges. I don't have ANY details (but what would you expect when Ryan is the one helping plan it and find out about it, hehe). All I know is that Kornel has to paint a condo this weekend in Palm Springs and they invited us to go with them since they will be able to stay in the condo. Hopefully I won't be recruited to paint :) Although I don't think Kornel would do that to me, seeing as when we painted our condo he had to come help fix our boo-boos and help me stop crying :) But it does mean lots of Mrs. Kayla, Miss Danni and Mr Matix time I'm sure :)

Have you ever been to Palm Springs? If so, are there any 'MUST GO' places while we are there?

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