Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vogue :)

'Glee': Sue Sylvester Strikes a Pose, Channels Madonna

If you missed it or just want to see it again (and again), we've got "Glee's" brilliant shot-for-shot remake of Madonna's dance-floor classic "Vogue" video, starring everyone's favorite sharp-tongued cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch).

The music-video homage will air during next week's episode of "Glee" dedicated to the Material Girl herself, titled "The Power of Madonna," in which other Madge-ical songs, including "Like a Virgin," "Express Yourself," and "Like a Prayer," will be featured.

Sue trades in her signature tracksuit for the Queen of Pop's infamous cone bra — and even draws on a beauty mark — for the black and white video, also starring glee club members Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Kurt (Chris Colfer). A few lyrics are changed to show us exactly how Sue "C's" it: "Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire. Sue Sylvester, dance on air ... Lauren, Katherine, Lana too. Will Schuester, I hate you."

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