Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Duplicate Census

Yep, just what I mentioned... They sent out a second round of the forms, but apparently only to the area that had a low response rate in the last census count...

Americans Get Mixed Messages About Census

Mail back your census form and be counted. The Constitution requires it.

Don't participate. Some of the questions on that form are unconstitutional.

People are getting conflicting messages from the government and its critics about this year's national head count. Now, to add to the confusion, millions are getting a duplicate copy of the census form, even if they've already completed their questionnaire.

What should you do?

First, an explanation from the Census Bureau. It announced today that it's mailing second forms to about 40 million homes in areas where response was low in the 2000 census. If you've already sent back your first form, you can ignore the duplicate. If not, the bureau is urging you to respond by the middle of this month so it won't have to send a census taker to your home -- which is much more expensive than gathering the data by mail.

The second mailing could boost participation by seven to 10 percentage points, which would save taxpayers more than $500 million, according to Census Bureau Director Robert Groves.

The rest of the article here.

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Anonymous said...

just another reason our country is mucho trillions in debt! wasted $$