Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dancing Dog

Dancing Dog on 'Britain's Got Talent,' Impresses Even Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell might seem like a big ol' meanie, but beneath that skintight shirt beats the heart of a dog lover. The "Britain's Got Talent" judge says he's picked as a potential winner of this year's competition, and she's a furry, four-legged rescue dog named Chandi.

"Chandi is my favorite," he told the (U.K.) Sun. "She is one of the best dancing dogs I've ever seen. She does ballet."

Due to flu, Cowell was forced to miss the TV debut of Chandi and her owner, music teacher Tina Humphrey, according to the Shropshire Star. But the other judges agreed with Cowell's (eventual) assessment and passed the pirouetting pooch on to the next round.

Not only do we love this for the sheer entertainment value, but also because of the obvious bond Humphrey and her dog share. Will this encourage more people to find a "soulmate" of their own at the local animal shelter? Or inspire a canine to dance in studio? We sure hope so!

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