Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sold PJ

Today we had quite the ordeal. I posted my car up on Craigslist on Friday. I got an email from a girl asking if she could see it yesterday. I gave her the address, told her to drive by and see it, and let me know if she was interested. She emailed me last night and said they were interested. This morning they came by. It was pretty long (we went with them to get a smog check, to AAA to get the title changed over, to the bank to get the cashiers check, etc), but we walked away with the price we wanted and an funny story to tell. They wanted to take a picture before we left the bank, so that is what the picture is... Us, the old owners, and them, the new owners. Just for those of you interested, we are going to be a one car family for a while, while looking for a SCOOTER for me!! YAY!!

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