Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Awesome Bottles

Student Redesigns Coke Bottle

When Andrew Kim, 18, a student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, got an assignment to create an eco-friendly product he thought about Coke bottles. At first Kim considered the idea of reusing the bottle in some way but then struck on the concept of redesigning the bottle instead. "I thought about fixing the problem instead of using the problem," he explained to Slashfood. "We have all these bottles and they are not being recycled."

Kim's first innovation was to make the bottles rectangular to facilitate packing and shipping: "All shipping uses rectangular forms so I wanted to use that space to maximum capability," he explained. Kim also suggested that the bottles be nested in shipping and in turn be collapsible when empty so more of them can be sent to be recycled.

Kim, who doesn't drink Coke, thought of redesigning the classic contoured soda bottle because, "everyone else drinks Coke."

Oh and in case you were wondering Kim got a perfect score of 100 for his assignment.

The original article here.

And did you see that he was from Detroit!! WAY TO GO!!

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