Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CA Plates

California Plates Say FARMNG IS GR8

Old McDonald is about to get his own license plate in California. Drivers who want to support the state's agriculture industry can pony up $50 in addition to normal registration costs for the plates, which will feature a white background with the word "agriculture" along the bottom. There's also an image of a blazing yellow sun rising over a lush green field over a somewhat-bizarre tribute to the letter 'F': "Food-Fiber-Fuel-Flora." (Fiber? Huh.)

This fund-raising strategy is nothing new, of course -- states have been collecting fees for specialized plates for years, allowing drivers to showcase everything from breast-cancer awareness (Ohio) to wildflowers (Virginia) to lighthouse preservation (Michigan). California's new plate profits would be used mainly for education and training programs for secondary school kids interested in farming.

"Many of the agricultural leaders in the state have come through those programs," says Steven Lyle, spokesman for the California department of agriculture, "as well as many farmers and ranchers. They do a tremendous job of teaching our young people."

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Anonymous said...

do they have one for "carrot ranchers"?

cpm said...

I wish! I might splurge the $50 for it if they did!! :) [Might being the key word]