Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ghosts & The Queen

A few weeks ago Mom made a suggestion of something that we could do when she came out for her visit. When she mentioned it I told it to Ryan and I knew that without a doubt we would HAVE to do it. GHOST TOURS ON THE QUEEN MARY!! Mom and Dad took their honeymoon on the Queen Mary 33 years ago. We looked it up, and sure enough there were ghost tours and shows that we could go to. We decided that we HAD to go and check it out. We headed up to Long Beach early Saturday morning. The marine layer hadn't burnt off yet, so it seemed foggy and eerie - great for ghost hunting! We toured around the ship, did some hunting ourselves, but to no avail. We took lots of pictures to look for orbs and mysterious shadows. We did catch some 'unexplained orbs' (but I will let you decide what they may be :) ).

There are a ton of pictures, but here are just a select few:

The entrance for the first tour:

The pool where they said they still see wet footprints (although the pool has been drained for 30 years):

On one of the tours, we were almost flooded out of the ship:

The bell was loud:

Ryan loves him some ghosts:

A large nut:

Mom said we HAD to find the propeller, so after searching and searching we finally did... And man was it creepy:

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